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A tooth loss gives a very wearer appearance to your face and distorts your smile. Dental implants are the solution for tooth loss problems by putting the artificial tooth in an empty space. In Thane, you can get better dental implants at the Sabka dentist branch from a dental expert here. It will give you a nice smile improvement than before.

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Dental implant in Thane

Tooth loss is a very severe issue that someone does not want to face it. But in the case of kids tooth loss is a natural phenomenon of falling of milk teeth. But if the tooth loss occurs in adults it may indicate poor oral health. Hence, the condition has to be taken forward to a dentist immediately to avoid further risk.

When a tooth falls down, it creates a gap or an empty space which desecrate the overall appearance of the socket. Tooth loss in adults can cause due to many reasons like trauma, mouth injury, accident, and dental problems like decaying of tooth, poor gums, and unhealthy care of teeth. Hence, a dental implant is the best choice to complete the socket.

A dental implant is a metal type anchor securely placed into the bone of the jaw holding an artificial tooth. It is an artificial replacement of the natural tooth that has fallen down. It is a fixture of completing the set of teeth. Dental implants securely support a crown, bridge, or denture in place. It is the perfect option for completing the missing gap by replacing it with an artificial tooth that lasts for a long time. It not only works functionally but also aesthetically as they complete the set of permanent teeth and enhances the overall appearance.

At Sabka Dentist, we have special and skilled dentists who have great experience in working with dental implants, and they are Implantalogist. An implantologist render their services to an individual by boosting their confidence. We at Sabka dentist in Thane helps patients in regaining their lost tooth and courage by fixing the empty gap with an artificial tooth

What is the Dental Implant Procedure?

There are several reasons to fill the hollow gap of your mouth. But dental Implant is the most valuable yet effective choice to fill the gap. Dental experts usually recommend dental implants are the ideal option instead of dental bridges that is a combination of two crowns or a denture that is detachable dental prosthetic to replace the lost tooth.

Dental Implant Procedure in Thane

Steps involved in Dental Implants treatment

Dental implant is a basic oral surgery that involves the placement of the missing natural tooth with an artificial tooth. The surgery will be in accordance with two things, the type of implant and size, length, etc and the structure of the jaw bone, on which the implant will depend on. The process of implant consumes a large amount of time approx 6 months as there are three phases involved, The following three phases are as follow

  1. First phase- the implant is drilled into the jaw
  2. Second phase- A recovery part called osseointegration which means, the bone starts to grow around the implant to fix it into the jaw
  3. Third phase- Placing the implant with a dental crown to make it appear like a natural tooth.

STEP 1: placement of the dental implant

An implant procedure involves placing the implant by incising the gap with a titanium screw in the jaw. This is the very first phase of the dental implant procedure. It sounds a bit horrifying and hence, this procedure is performed by the highly trained implantologist of Thane. The patient is injected with local anesthesia to avoid pain during the treatment. It numbs the area making the implantologist work easy. A dental instrument called scalpel, used to cut the open way through the gums to allow the titanium screw threads to go inside the gum, so as to match the threading on the implant. Once the threading procedure is done the screw will be fixed into the jaw, respective of the place where it has to be placed. After fixing the screw, the gums can’t be left opened hence, surgical stitches are done carefully to close the gums. The empty space is still visible with the screw is drilled into the jaw as the implant is still left to be placed.

STEP 2: Healing phase

In this phase, the implant is finally incised into the bone as it has to form a base of the missing tooth or lost tooth. In this section, less work is carried on as this procedure usually involves the observation procedure of the bone. The implant experts waits and observers how much time and how the bone has grown over. As observed, the implantologist then moves to the next phase of the dental implant procedure, that is placing a cap or a crown on the top of the implant to protect it from further risk and make it appear like a tooth so as to complete the set.

STEP 3: Placement of the crown

The third phase of the procedure involved placing of the crown, but before it takes place, proper surrounding is to be prepared for doing so. The abutment on the implant material is prepared so as to fix the crown on it. The dental crown or a cap is screwed or cemented onto the abutment, resulting in comfortable sitting of the crown on it. This procedure involves a small surgery, where the implantologist cut down the gums so that they can reach the implant. After all the fixing part, gums are again stitched up to allow them to heal. Now the implant will be visible to the naked eye.

STEP 4 : Getting an impression for the dental crown

This phase involves making a replica of the tooth called impression of the dental crown. It is precisely made so that it can be fitted on the dental implant accurately. In dentistry, there are various types of crown material available at Sabka dentist, Thane. Metal, porcelain-fused- to- metal, all-ceramic, zirconia crowns are various types of crowns that vary in cost at Sabka Dentist in Thane. It is the patients to select the best according to their budget and the material for longevity. It takes approx a week to prepare the dental crown in the lab, till the time it is making process dental experts provide temporary crowns like plastic crowns that are easily available in the clinic and can be fitted onto the dental implant.

Tell Me More About Getting A Dental Implant At Sabka Dentist, Thane

If you are one of those individuals who are particular about your dental care health care, you must choose the best when it pertains to oral care checkups and treatments. Sabka Dentist is consistently graded among the best option for dental implants in Thane. At Sabka Dentist, people not just obtain top class therapy for their tooth troubles, but additionally get to enjoy the benefits of full mouth dental implants cost in Thane. No matter the background or career of an individual, all of us guarantee that all of our individuals experience at ease and face absolutely no concerns when it comes to teeth setting cost in Thane. We are amongst the top tooth clinic chains in Thane and have a legacy that is unparalleled by any other oral clinic in Thane, India.

So, the next time you plan on visiting for dental implants, we all should be at the top of your list of best dental implants in Thane. Consider us your own ‘Apna Dentist’, and we can help you with your dental care problems so that you can carry on and spread joy and happiness across with your wonderful smile.

The single-tooth implant cost in Thane can vary depending on the region and who is performing the procedure. Factors that affect teeth replacement cost in Thane are:

Number of Replacements
Location of the Tooth
Bone Density
The Need for Extractions
Overall Oral Health

But at Sabka Dentist all of us make sure that you don’t feel the pressure of tooth implant cost in Thane. That’s why Sabka Dentist offers the best teeth replacement cost in Thane, which you can afford in first thought. Contact us today to discuss your smile or with questions regarding dental implants cost in Thane.

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