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You might have heard more about the dental implant as the solution for the missing tooth. If you do not know much about dental implants then you need to understand them properly.


Dental implants are fixing an artificial tooth in the place of the missing tooth. They take the place of the missing tooth along with the roots and insert into the jaw to hold it properly.


Many people who have missing teeth go for dental implant treatment. Generally, the dental implant is made from the titanium material that biologically suits the human body. You might be eager to know more above the other aspects of dental implants like the procedure, cost, types, problems & safety.

Can I get a dental implant 4 months after my tooth removal?

Many people are eager to know how soon or how late can the dental implant treatment be done after tooth removal. Generally, after a duration of 4 months after tooth removal, one can go for dental implant treatment with the advice of the dental expert.


The duration is taken for the healing after tooth removal is important when going for the dental implant. If the healing is not completed properly then dental experts can even suggest more waiting periods. It is only after proper healing, the dental implant can be done.

Dental Implant Procedure: Dental implant illustration

Before going for the actual implant procedure, there is a lot of preparation needed to be done for the dental patients. A proper location, structure of the mouth and jaw are identified. CT scans and X-rays might be needed for the proper assessment of the dental structure.


A proper analysis of the bone that will support implant and jaw shape is considered. It will avoid any of the complications and ensure that the dental implant is fixed exactly in the proper place. Depending on the situation, the dental expert will plan out the procedure for the treatment.


A proper incision in the gums is made where the insertion of the dental implant will be done. The jawbone must grow exactly in the proper way to ensure that the implant remains in a proper place.


When the implant replaces the tooth root, the jawbone will heal and grow properly around the implant. Some of the gums may be removed for putting the implant properly.

How painful is the dental implant procedure?

There is not much pain experienced as the treatment is done after proper healing after tooth removal or tooth extraction. A little pain might be experienced while cutting the gums to make space for the dental implant. Also, lesser pain can be experienced while actually putting the dental implant in the empty space.


A standard procedure is necessary for a proper dental implant at the missing tooth place. The cost of the procedure can change as per the complications, duration, and expertise needed for the treatment.

What are different types of dental implants?

There are two types of dental implants: endosteal and subperiosteal.

In endosteal, the dental implant is put in the bone to hold it properly through the bone. In subperiosteal, the dental implants are rested above the jawbone under the gum tissue.


The dental expert will check the suitability of each of the types of dental implants and give you the choice accordingly. You can choose the dental implant, as per your budget and choice.

Are there any problems associated with dental implants?

There are generally no much bigger problems associated with dental implants. However, some problems might arise due to several reasons.

Here are some problems associated with dental implants:

1. Habit of tobacco chewing and smoking tobacco chewing and smoking

Tobacco chewing and smoking can cause dental implant failure as it slows down the blood flow in the gums. It ultimately slows down the healing process that creates a problem for putting proper dental implants.

2. Gum disease

Gum disease causes problems in the gums and damage to the jaw bone. Sometimes, infection is also observed in the gum disease that creates hindrance in putting up the dental implant.

3. Improper jawbone growth

After the tooth fall, the jawbone must grow properly that can ultimately help in holding the tooth. If the jawbone is not proper, it cannot hold the implant properly.

4. Not following guideline properly

During the phase of tooth removal or tooth fall till the dental implant, the dental expert will give proper guidelines to maintain good oral health. However, the inability to follow the guidelines will not create the environment to put the dental implant properly.


However, if proper procedure is followed and care is taken, it is easy to do a successful dental implant. It will help you to get a permanent type of solution for the missing tooth. There will be no further problem while eating and smiling widely. Dental implants generally have a high success rate that can help you to get nice oral health.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "A missing tooth is a big problem while doing daily activities like eating and smiling. Dental experts suggest dental implants as a better way to replace the missing tooth. With a dental implant, an artificial tooth is inserted in the missing tooth place. A person can get a confident smile with a dental implant."

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