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Good dental health is very essential to enjoy eating several food items without any problem. Discolored, cracked, or missing teeth bring down the confidence level of the individual as the person looks a little dull and different.


It will discourage individuals from socializing and smiling on general occasions too. Whereas, a person having good dental health will have a wonderful smile, unhesitant behavior, and socialize them more easily.


A lot of individuals face the problem of uneven alignment of the teeth, making it very difficult in chewing the food items. Also, the looks of the individual are not proper with the uneven alignment of the teeth. Here, applying the dental restoration methods like Dental Crowns or Dental Veneers can improve the alignment of the teeth in a proper way.


Veneer and crown have helped improved the alignment of the teeth to a lot of extents. Both of these techniques help to fill the space between two teeth, properly aligning other orthodontic issues, and correct the other dental problems.


The advent of the veneer and crown brought a lot of benefits for the people suffering from related dental problems. Front teeth are very important for any individual, as they reflect the smile of a person. So, a proper view of the front teeth is very important. Know properly regarding crowns or veneers for front teeth before getting a proper dental solution.


Many people have confusion regarding applying crowns vs veneers for properly aligning the teeth. One needs to know the basic difference between crowns and veneers before going for a particular treatment.


It will be interesting to look at some of the points relating to crowns vs veneers for making the final decision about the particular dental solution.


Here, are some of the difference between crowns and veneers:

Crowns vs Veneers

crowns or veneers for front teeth

What are crowns?

A crown covers all the tooth area and it is about 2 mm thick. They can be porcelain fused to a metal alloy, porcelain, or also all-metal alloy.

difference between crowns and veneers

What are veneers?

A veneer is made of porcelain or other materials with a very thin layer. It is bonded with the tooth from the front side.

When are they used?

  1. Crowns: Crowns are regularly used to supplant teeth that have critical harm. In the event that your tooth has serious tooth rot, had a huge filling or a root trench, or is very broken, a crown might be the best choice. Crowns are likewise a decent alternative for teeth that have been worn out around the edges, which can occur with exorbitant tooth pounding. Crowns can be utilized to supplant one tooth or a few teeth.
  2. Veneers: Veneers are generally applied to the front teeth at the surface. The teeth which are uneven, discolored, worn, or even crooked are covered with the veneers in a proper way. Here, the original teeth position is not altered and they remain intact at their place.

Treatment process dental crowns vs veneers

  • Crowns: The dentist here will take a proper mold of your teeth and fabricate it from the lab as per the shape. Until the crown gets ready the dentist will provide you with the temporary crown to prevent you from damaging the toot while chewing during this period. To fit the crown exactly in your teeth, the dentist will cut some parts of your teeth. After the crown is ready, the crown is placed firmly on your tooth with the cement to make it more firm. The dentist will check the restoration of the crowns in fit and shape.
  • Veneers: In Veneers, very little or no tooth grinding is done for the teeth as the veneers are very thinner in size. Veneers are done considering it as a permanent procedure and they will not be replaced in a short duration too. Some, patients even experience veneer fracture due to eating of any hard objects. Also, while sleeping the grinding of teeth may cause damage for the veneer, so some dentists even recommends a night guard to protect the teeth from damage. It is recommended that people with habit grinding teeth are not good for the veneer, or else, veneer is a nice solution in a very effective way.

Factors depending on costs for veneer and crown

  1. Crown: The cost of the crown depends on various factors like the material used, the actual size of the tooth, and the work involved for particular crown work. Additional costs are incurred when the root canal of the related tooth is done.
  2. Veneer: The cost in the veneer depends on the material used in the veneer and the number of treatments done on the teeth. Also, the dental lab used and the quality material used is one of the important cost deciding factors in the veneer.

Advantages & Disadvantages of crowns vs veneers

  1. Crown Advantages:
    • Porcelain crowns look very natural, it is difficult to detect this dental treatment and it looks like natural teeth
    • There are fewer chances of decay as the tooth is protected from all the sides
    • Unlike dentures, the crowns do not need to be removed for cleaning as it is more like relatively permanent
    • The cost of the crown can be easily covered with the dental insurance
  2. Crown Disadvantages:
    • The tooth may feel more sensitive to cold or heat in the initial days and a gum pain may be experienced
    • The natural tooth is completely removed for making space for the crown
    • Eating a hard substance or teeth grinding habit may damage the teeth due to its fragile nature
    • Sometimes a thin dark line appears between crowns and the natural teeth
  3. Veneer Advantages:
    • The healthy tooth is not removed, only a slight amount of trimming in the tooth is required here
    • There is no margin shown inside the teeth when the work is done
    • They can last for a long duration of at least around 5 years
  4. Veneer Disadvantages:
    • The movement is very less in the teeth after the completion of veneer work
    • Some areas of teeth may be exposed which can increase the chances of more decay
    • The work of Veneers work may not be covered under dental insurance

By checking all the above points one can consider either consider veneers or crowns as per their choice. Both of them are definitely better ways to bring back the shape of your teeth and enjoy eating several food items.


It will bring a fabulous smile on your face along with the nice confidence in you. Make the perfect choice among both with proper dental consultation to restore better dental health. After all, good dental health is a primary thing to make your life healthy and happier.


Expert opinion

  • Dr. Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “To make your smile better Dental Crowns and Dental Veneers are one of the better solutions. Both the procedures are a little costly when compared to other treatments, still, they are most recommended as they can make the complex dental problem simpler for a long duration.”
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