Teeth Veneers: Pros & Cons

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Every individual desires to have good dental health to enjoy eating a variety of food items and have a wonderful smile. However, many of the individuals have faced some or the other dental problems at some point. Some people face minor dental problems while some have faced major dental problems.


Misaligned, cracked and deformed teeth are one such dental problem which leads to a lot of complications for the individual. The people having these kinds of dental problems have difficulty while chewing the food. They even have a different ugly looks while smiling or laughing which hesitates them from socializing easily.


Here, the better solution to this problem is doing Teeth Veneers through which you can achieve the proper alignment of the teeth.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are the thin line of porcelains that fit in the teeth to change the shape, size, and color of your tooth. They are generally made of porcelain, however, resin and some amount of other materials are also used while making the veneers.


They are used for the teeth which are shaped in a very odd manner, broken teeth, a lot of gaps between the teeth, and discoloration of the teeth. It aligns the teeth in a proper order which can make it very easier to eat different food items and boost self-esteem through making your smile beautiful.


However, a lot of people like to know the teeth veneers pros and cons, before making the final decision for the teeth veneers. Definitely, it is a wise idea to know regarding the types of veneers before knowing the veneers pros cons before finally opting for the dentist.

dental veneers pros and cons

Types of Veneers:

  1. Porcelain Veneers-These are customized veneers made as per the shape and size of the natural teeth. They look better for the individual and so are costly. Special cement is used while applying this to your existing tooth and also ultraviolet light is used while applying it.
  2. Composite Veneers-Composite types of veneers are usually applied for the teeth which have gaps and smaller chips. The material used here is the same as used in the cavity feelings. The composite material has no longer duration and lesser costing.
  3. Instant Veneers-Instant Veneers can be done much quicker and has a lesser cost when compared to the other types of veneers. They are applied to the missing tooth or broken tooth. These veneers being premade, it will not match exactly to the natural teeth. So, make sure that the veneers made here should look much similar to the natural teeth.
  4. Removable Veneers-Removable Veneers can be removed easily when needed and they are custom made as per the requirement. The costing for this type of veneer is very lesser comparatively, however, it is not a solution for the missing teeth or broken teeth in anyway.

It will be better to know the proper information on the pros and cons of veneers while making the final decision for teeth veneers. Dental veneers pros and cons will give the proper insight regarding the several aspects of the teeth veneers.

pros and cons of veneers

Here are some of the lists of teeth veneers pros and cons:

Pros of Teeth Veneers:

  1. Resistance to the stain -Naturally, our teeth are not stained resistant, so we have to take efforts to make it stain-free. So, we do proper brushing and proper flossing of the teeth to keep it stain-free. Coffee, tea, wine, soft-drinks, and other food items create stains in the teeth. Here, lies the biggest benefit of veneers, where your teeth will never get affected by these eating or drinking habits making it stain-free.
  2. Molded as per teeth -As the veneers are molded as per the shape and size of your teeth, hardly, anybody can detect the veneers applied to your teeth. This makes your smile flawless and builds nice confidence in you.
  3. Customization is easier -The need and requirement of the patient are given more priority in the veneers in the veneers. Also, the color can be chosen by the customer as per the choice. So, it gives more choices for the customers for the veneers.
  4. Lesser drilling activity -Most of the dental cure activities generally involve a lot of drilling and shaping activity. These activities are generally very painful and take a lot of dental visits. However, in the case of the veneers, only on rare circumstances shaping and sizing activities are done. Otherwise, mostly the veneers are fitted according to the shape and size of the tooth without changing its shape.
  5. Durability -Veneers have very long durability in most of the cases. Generally, the longevity of the veneers is more than 15 years if you take proper care.
  6. Teeth look more natural -The veneers fitted at your teeth give a more natural look to your teeth. It helps to bring a natural smile to your face.
  7. Lesser visit to the dentist -The procedure for the veneers is much faster comparatively. You do not have to do several visits to the dentists here, and you will get an instant solution here.
  8. Maintenance is easier -The maintenance of the veneers is very easier comparatively. Here, you just need to follow some basic steps related to dental hygiene. Flossing and brushing regularly are two main activities that have to be done daily. Apart from it, you just have to visit twice to the dentist.

Cons of Veneers:

  1. Costly -Veneers activities are a little costly when compared with other dental activities. The cost will increase when the number of teeth where the veneer has to be done is more than one.
  2. Veneers are delicateAs the veneers are very thin, they are more prone to the crowns and chipping. This treatment is not recommended for the people who have a habit of grinding the teeth in the night and eating hard food items.
  3. Sensitivity is moreIn some cases, the sensitivity of teeth prevails while eating cold or hot drinks. These things are very temporary which occurs only while eating or drinking these types of food items.
  4. It cannot be removed when neededIt is not easy to remove the veneers as it is more of a permanent type of solution. So, in case if you want to remove them it has to be broken.

These are some of the pros and cons of veneers which the individual should consider while making the final dental solution decision. Veneers can help solve the grave dental issue in a much reliable way.


Although you now know all the teeth veneers pros and cons, still you need to visit a proper dentist to get a proper solution on it. So, if you find the veneers a better solution for your dental problem then do visit a proper dentist to take proper advice.


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  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Teeth Veneers are one of the better solutions to solve the problem of misaligned and cracked teeth which can bring back your beautiful smile. Look at all the pros and cons of veneers to make a confirmed decision to opt for this solution.”
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