Different Types of Malocclusion of Teeth

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Every person desires better dental health through which they can live a comfortable life along with enjoying eating different food items. One of the main problems that many of the people face regarding their dental health is the Malocclusion of Teeth. It has caused a lot of discomfort for the people suffering from malocclusion problems.

What is the Malocclusion of Teeth?

Malocclusion is the misalignment of teeth and fitting of the teeth is not proper, some of the upper and lower teeth (chomp). The perfect condition should go on the defensive fit somewhat over the lower teeth or the purposes of the molars coordinate the forests of the contradicting molar.


At the point when a patient isn’t experiencing malocclusion, every one of his teeth is adjusted, straight, and separated relatively. It is a typical condition in light of the fact that not very many individuals have flawless impediment however most anomalous conditions are basic and minor which don’t require treatment.


Frequently than not, malocclusion is being acquired. In the event that the upper and lower jaws or among jaw and tooth size are disproportioned, it will result in congestion of teeth or anomalous nibble designs.


Besides, the ill-advised attack of dental apparatuses, crowns, or fillings may cause skewed teeth too reasons for malocclusion incorporate additional teeth, affected or lost teeth, and teeth that emit an unusual way. There are various types of malocclusion which is faced by different individuals.

What are the causes of Malocclusion?

Generally, the Malocclusion problem is hereditary, means it has passed from generation to generation. Still, there are some of the common reasons why different types of malocclusion occur for different individuals.

There are some of the habits or conditions which lead to the Malocclusion:

  • Childhood habits of putting the toys or material in the mouth and chewing it hard
  • Sucking the thumb even in early childhood
  • Major injuries that lead to the misalignment of the jaw
  • Problems like the mouth or jaw tumor
  • During dental medications, improperly fitting of the crowns, dental fillings, and braces making a misalignment

General Symptoms of Malocclusion:

Depending on the types of malocclusion of teeth, the symptoms of the Malocclusion are as follows:

  • The face starts appearing altered than the normal one
  • The alignment of the teeth in the mouth is not proper and there are a lot of problems while chewing
  • Inner tongue and the inner cheeks are been biting frequently during talking or eating
  • Biting of the food is not normal and there is no comfortable in it
  • The habit of breathing through the mouth gets developed instead of the nose

There are different types of malocclusion in the teeth. You will know the things better only when you check it from a proper dentist. After doing the X-Ray, the dentist can tell you properly regarding the type of malocclusion of teeth.

different types of malocclusion

Let us see below some of the types of malocclusion of teeth in more detail:

  1. Class 1

    Class 1 malocclusion is analyzed when the upper teeth cover the lower teeth. Right now malocclusion, the nibble is typical and the cover is slight. Class 1 malocclusion is the most widely recognized grouping of malocclusion. Here, the person finds it very difficult to eat the food in a normal state as others do.

  2. Class 2

    Class 2 malocclusion is analyzed when a serious overbite is available while eating the food. This condition is known as retrognathism which implies that the upper teeth and jaw essentially cover the lower jaw and teeth. Here, the person finds trouble even while talking normally, apart from the problem during the eating of the food.

  3. Class 3

    Class 3 malocclusion is there when there is an underbite. Here, we also call this condition as the prognathism which means jaw which is at the lower side it gets protruded in the forward direction. Here, the lower teeth get overlap with the upper teeth jaw. Eating hard food items becomes very tedious during this situation.

These are some of the types of misaligned teeth types which have caused the distortion in the face of many of the individuals. They face a lot of problems even during daily activities.


At an early age, as a rule during the main development of the tooth, malocclusion can be recognized particularly when the kid cherishes pacifier or container until the age of three. The side effects can go from gentle to serious.


Kids who have it might improve after some time as the jaw becomes through the high schooler years. Indications for grown-ups will commonly deteriorate throughout the years if not given consideration.


On the off chance that the patient has a poor nibble that causes trouble in biting nourishment, tends to chomp cheek or top of the mouth, experiences difficulty saying certain words (discourse abandons), experiences torment in the facial muscles or jaw, or perpetual teeth are ejecting at an inappropriate position, he should submit to a dental specialist for perception and treatment.


The impacts of malocclusion vary contingent upon the seriousness of the condition. Gentle issues need little treatment or corrective dentistry help. Then again, extreme malocclusion requires orthodontic treatment.


A few patients may experience the ill effects of trouble in eating and talking while others are humiliated on their slanted or projecting teeth. Although a poor chomp doesn’t ordinarily submit from the dangers of tooth rot and periodontal illnesses, the patient may at present grow more teeth issues since it is more enthusiastically to clean skewed teeth.


Generally, a mild malocclusion is fine. However, if the malocclusion problem is more severe than your dentist might suggest some of the solutions like:

  • Removal of the unwanted teeth where there is overcrowding of the teeth
  • Use of the braces on the teeth which can correct the position of the teeth in a proper way
  • Reshaping of the teeth if the misalignment can be corrected
  • Use the caps over the teeth, so that the teeth can be made in a proper way
  • Use of the plate’s ort wires to make the jaw bone in a proper stabilized way

The treatment for a malocclusion problem depends on the types of malocclusion more. So, making a proper treatment is very important as per the suggestion of a proper dentist.

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  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Malocclusion is faced by many of the individuals, they face a lot of problems while eating the food. Depending on the types of malocclusion, it is very important to take a proper dentist suggestion and treat it in a correct way possible.”
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