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Plaque is thin yellow microbial biofilm development on the teeth. The bacteria start developing on the teeth that come from food and fluids during plaque development. It is possible to remove the plaque through some of the natural ways which are generally a slower process. Getting the plaque removed from a dental expert can help to get a faster plaque removal treatment.
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What is known as dental plaque?

While brushing your teeth have you wondered, what is the actual plaque on your teeth? A thin, soft, sticky film also known as tooth plaque, microbial plaque or dental biofilm that is built on the teeth is called dental plaque.


This plaque on the teeth is formed regularly and is extremely sticky and colourless to pale yellow in the deposit. The bacteria are deposited where the teeth and the gums meet. These bacterias grow because of saliva, food and fluids. The bacteria present in the plaque produce acids that attack your tooth enamel and can damage your gums.

What does dental plaque lead to

Dental plaque removal is important because it can cause permanent damage if not treated. This plaque consists of millions of bacteria that feed on the food and drinks that are consumed by you every day.


Dental plaque cleaning becomes necessary because if the bacteria that are deposited form plaque are not removed from the teeth through brushing and flossing it can cause tooth decay, gum diseases and tartar can be built.


What are the causes of dental plaque?

Bacteria are grown on the teeth as well as between the gums and teeth when you consume food, fluids or through the saliva. food such as carbohydrates or simple sugar, such as sucrose and starches, found in soft drinks and candy lead to plaque formation. Cakes, sweets, and fruits consist of high sugar levels this can lead to an increase in plaque formation.


Dental plaque removal becomes necessary because it can lead to gingivitis, caries and advanced gum diseases. Dental plaque is hidden between the teeth and under the gums. Removing dental plaque from teeth is important to maintain good oral hygiene.


Why you should care about dental plaque?

Removing dental plaque from the teeth is necessary because dental plaque can lead to tooth decay and cavities. These are the first two problems that can occur if dental plaque is not removed. There are chances of tooth decay because of the acids present will wear away teeth enamel. The pulp of the teeth can continue to detain if these acids aren’t cleaned off.


Removing plaque from the teeth then becomes necessary because if ignored it can lead to the development of an abscess or other bacterial infection of the teeth. To prevent cavities and bacterial infections it is advised to undergo dental plaque cleaning on a daily basis.


What does dental plaque lead to?

The dental plaque will lead to tartar buildup. Minerals from saliva are deposited into the plaque biofilm causing it to harden within 24 to 72 hours, which then gets converted into tartar. It coats the exterior of the teeth which can invade the gumline below. Dental plaque removal is possible at home, but for tartar removal, a dental professional is required. 68% of adults have tartar built up on their teeth.


The accumulated plaque and minerals from the saliva that hardens are known as tartar or calculus. Tartar is like the crusty blanket on the teeth. It coats the exterior of the teeth which can invade the gumline below. Food and drinks can easily stain tartar as it is porous in nature. Tartar deposits in between the teeth and it appear yellow or brown in colour.


Dental plaque can further lead to other gum diseases. Many of the gum diseases can be irreversible. Dental health can be disturbed due to tartar as it is formed due to the hardening of plaque. Causes of tartar buildup are If you have braces, dry mouth, crowded teeth, smoking and consumption of tobacco, ageing


Dental plaque and tartar removal

removing dental plaque

The best way to remove plaque from teeth is through the mechanical motion of brushing and flossing. Removal of plaque and exposing it to anti-bacterial ingredients to kill the bacterias and then prevent it from growing back.


In case if you need to know more about the comprehensive routine as well as any home remedies then below few steps are given. In order to get rid of plaque in a more effective manner use of an electronic toothbrush Is advised. It is important to brush twice a day at least for two minutes.


Also, remember to change the head of the toothbrush every three months. Food particles can get stuck in between the teeth, so it becomes necessary to floss so that bacteria don’t develop. As brushing alone cannot cover the spaces between the teeth so one should learn to floss properly. To fight against plaque, it is advised to use anti-plaque fluoride toothpaste.


As fluoride toothpaste will help in repairing the damage caused to the enamel. Rinsing is also an important step to avoid the growth of dental plaque. The use of an antiseptic mouthwash will help to kill the bacterias and to stop their regrowth.


How can Sabka dentist help?

When it comes to a painless treatment for teeth, then Sabka dentist is the first preferred in town. For the best treatment plans, at Sabka dentist a complete examination will be performed.


Experts will then check plaque growth and tartar. It becomes necessary for the tartar removal dentist to check between the teeth and also between the teeth and the gums. And this is checked with the help of a small mirror. After a complete examination, the experts will inform you about the concerns.


With the help of sclera, the dentist will remove the plaque present between the teeth as well as between teeth and the gums. At Sabka dentist it made sure that there is the least pain to the patient.


The dentist will scrape off the plaque and tartar and then will brush your teeth with a high-powered electric brush and gritty toothpaste. The expert will also teach you the steps to floss the teeth as flossing is also an important step.


All the important steps of brushing and flossing will also be explained so that oral hygiene is maintained on a regular basis. For a patient, it becomes important to visit every three months for a regular check-up. However, Sabka Dentist offers a few of the best plaque removal cost in India. For the best oral hygiene and fresh breath, visit Sabka Dentist today.

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