What are the advantages of Rapid Maxillary Treatment?

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How can Rapid Maxillary Treatment be beneficial?

It is always better to approach the Orthodontist for the relevant treatment as soon as possible. Most of the people visit an Orthodontist only for the straightening of the teeth. However, a bad bite is also a big problem which must be addressed soon.


Improper biting leads to incorrect chewing of the food along with the jaw movement problems. Rapid Maxillary Expansion Treatment is one such solution for the treatment of the bad bite.

Rapid Maxillary Expansion:

Rapid Maxillary Expansion

Rapid Maxillary Expansion treatment widens the narrow upper jaw through the Orthodontic technique. Here the expander appliance is fitted to the upper teeth which must not be removed. It exerts pressure on the teeth to correct its position. This is a slow process that gets treated over a certain period.

When to go for a Rapid Maxillary Expansion treatment for your child?

how log go for Rapid Maxillary Expansion treatment

Reasons when you need Rapid Maxillary Expansion Treatment for the child:

– Elimination or reduction of the overcrowding of the teeth for positioning the teeth correctly

Crossbite correction

– To avoid the asymmetry caused in the face due to improper jaw

– Difficulty in breathing which causes due to the narrow jaw

How soon must one go for the Rapid Expansion Treatment?

It is not recommended to go for treatment before the age of 10 years, as the child is in the growth stage and jaws are subject to change as they grow. However, it is always ideal to go for this treatment after 14 years when they show such kinds of problems, and the widening or malleable symptoms are seen.


Also, this treatment can give better results before the age of 19 years where the child’s growth goes very slowly. So, visiting an Orthodontist during the age of 9years to 10 years can be beneficial for the child.

What is an expander appliance?

The expander appliance is made with a proper mechanism with a screw enclosed in between and having the metal framework. The expansion of the width of the expander appliance can be done through the screw.


The variations in the design are made as per the 2 or 4 teeth of the upper side. In some appliances, they are arranged to the anchor pins.

How much period does one need to wear this appliance?

How much period need to wear

As the removal of the device is not possible, the appliance can be fixed for around 8-12 months. For around 2 to 3 weeks, you need to make the adjustment to the screw which can fix the upper jaw bone.


Afterward, some period must be allowed. The new bone can be filled in the proper position. It will make the child’s bite in a proper order for straightening the teeth through this Orthodontic treatment.

How painful will be Rapid Expansion Treatment?

Any change made or appliance fixed can cause discomfort for around 1 week for the child. However, after a week they will get used to it, and maybe while eating for further two weeks can be a little painful.


However, after 3 weeks all things can be fine. However, if you feel pain even after a period of 4 weeks then it is better to visit your Orthodontist to get the treatment.

Foods to eat during the Rapid Maxillary Treatment process:

After fixing the appliances, it is better to go for the softer food items for at least one week. Then after getting used to it, one can go for the normal food diet, still, avoid hard food items during this period.


Generally, hard, sticky, and sugary food items must be avoided as much as possible. More importantly, take the suggestions from your Orthodontist as they will know the impact of a particular food item on the appliance.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “When you are going through a bad bite due to improper crowding of the teeth, visiting an Orthodontist is recommended. Mostly, one has to go through Rapid Maxillary Treatment for getting the right treatment. Here, an appliance is fixed in the mouth to widen the narrow jaw.”


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