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What exactly is a Malocclusion?

When it comes to oral health, you may come across several terms like a root canal, removal of teeth, implant, etc. However, when it comes to Orthodontic treatment, you will come across one more word associated with it, which is Malocclusion. While eating when your upper jaw and lower jaw does not coincide then there is no correct bite which is termed as Malocclusion. Generally, it is ideal when the lower teeth fit the upper teeth while chewing and the molars fit along with each other. Alignment deviations of teeth and molar are termed as Malocclusion.

Several people have faced this problem and found a solution through proper Orthodontic treatment. Malocclusion leads to several negative effects like pain in the jaw joint, tooth wear excessiveness, gum recession, and pain in the head. So, if you are suffering from any of such problems mentioned here then visiting the Orthodontist and getting it treated at the earliest is recommended.

What symptom does the malocclusion shows? types of malocclusions

Some people have an imperfect bite from birth itself. These symptoms can be minor or major.

Some of the important symptoms of the malocclusion are:

– Teeth has abnormal wear

– The alignment of the teeth is abnormal

– Facial structure is a little asymmetric

– Inner cheeks or tongue are bitten frequently

– There is difficulty in speaking

– Biting or chewing is very difficult

– Breathing is done through the mouth, instead of the nose.

What are the causes of Malocclusion?

Several causes are responsible for the Malocclusion. In many cases, the Malocclusions are found to be passed from one generation to another. There are some habits or conditions too which it change the structure and the shape of the teeth and jaw. They increase the malocclusion likelihood.

Some of the other causes include:

– Habit of thumb sucking during the childhood

– Use of the dummy even after attaining the age of 3 years

– Inappropriate injuries that cause jaw misalignment

– Abnormally shaping of the teeth

Grinding causing in the teeth

How can one prevent Malocclusions?

In the case when Malocclusions are genetics, it is not possible to prevent it. However, if it is caused due to habits or some other reasons it can be prevented to some extent.

You can put the limit or avoid some of the habits like:

– Wearing the relevant helmet while playing sports which may cause problem

– Limiting the thumb sucking or dummy habit during the early stage

– Taking the necessary care of Oral health from a young age

Visiting the dentist for checkups after few duration

– In case of premature tooth loss, visit the Orthodontist to protect the other teeth positioning

Different types of Malocclusions: Malocclusions types

It can be classified into three types:

– Class 1

Here the upper and lower jaws are properly aligned, however, excess spacing between the teeth and overcrowding causes the problems.

– Class 2

Here the upper teeth are position very far from the lower teeth. These types of malocclusion are termed as overjet or overbite. The protrusion may be either horizontal or vertical.

– Class 3

Here the lower teeth position is far from the upper teeth while taking the bite. It often overlaps with the upper front teeth. This situation is commonly called an underbite.

Do Malocclusions cause headaches?

If the jaw is misaligned in a severe way then there can be much pain and stress due to malocclusion. This may lead to grinding of the teeth which causes headaches.

What are the treatments used for Malocclusions? Treatment with braces

There is no need for treatment for milder Malocclusion. However, in case there is a moderate to severe level of malocclusion then the Orthodontist can recommend the treatment. They will generally recommend for the treatment with the braces .

Expert opinion

  • Dr Jena Shah
    Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Malocclusion causes a lot of problems like overbite, underbite, improper jaw movement, inappropriate facial structure, etc. This is mainly due to improper upper and lower teeth alignment which causes a problem. Getting Orthodontic treatment with braces is the better solution to this.”


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