How Does Sd Align Help You Achieve Facial Aesthetics?

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In most cases, it is observed that teeth misalignment impacts the facial structure of a person. It can be any type of teeth misalignment problem like teeth crowding, overbite, underbite, crossbite, etc.

Any of the problems can be easily observed when the mouth is opened while smiling or talking. It moreover affects the aesthetic appearance of the face that makes a person feel socially conscious.

However, Orthodontic treatment with braces can straighten the teeth. SD align is a custom-made invisible braces that can help you get straightened teeth which will ultimately improve facial aesthetics.

How does the facial shape change with SDalign?

The symmetrical facial structure and the look of the face while smiling are severely affected when there is teeth misalignment. In most cases, teeth straightening with an Orthodontic treatment improves the facial shape of the person.

Here is the way the facial shape of the person improves with SDalign treatment:


Straightened teeth make a smile better

The misalignment of the teeth does not give a proper appearance while smiling. However, when the teeth are straightened with SDalign, the smile of a person also looks good.

Jawbone remodeling

In teeth misalignment problems like overbite, underbite, etc. jaws of the upper mouth do not coincide with the lower jaws. This makes the face appear asymmetrical which impacts the aesthetic look on the face. Here, the aligners set is made such that it changes the position of the jaw along with the teeth.

Balances the symmetry of faces

Any teeth misalignment that impacts the symmetrical appearance of the teeth impacts the aesthetic look. So, braces treatment like SDalign, balances the symmetrical appearance of the face making it look more aesthetic.

Aesthetic appearance during the treatment process

The Orthodontic treatment with metallic braces will be easily detectable during the treatment process. This makes most people look awkward, impacting them by making them socially conscious.

As SDalign are invisible braces, they are not easily detectable during the treatment process, it improves the aesthetic appearance even during the treatment process.

The overall Orthodontic treatment aims at improving the aesthetic appearance of the face and also makes their smile look beautiful. SDalign is an effective way to improve facial aesthetics.

Expert opinion

  • Dr Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Teeth misalignment severely impacts the smile and overall facial aesthetics of a person. SDalign is a convenient and effective way to improve facial aesthetics of a person."

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