How much does overdenture treatment cost in Bangalore and why?

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There are many reasons behind tooth loss. One is, of course, aging. But there could be other reasons such as periodontal disease, the side-effect of certain treatments, or trauma. Earlier, there was no option for people other than facing the consequences of tooth loss. Thankfully, there has been a great development in overdenture treatment. Today the best dentist in bangalore will suggest several methods to replace missing teeth. From dental implants to fixed bridges to removable partial and full dentures; there are many alternatives.

Different choices of overdenture treatment

Complete denture

When all the teeth are missing, a complete denture is used to replace them. They are available in various materials. When a person visits the best dental clinic in bangalore, doctors check the condition of the gums, health of the jawbone, and overall fitness of the patient.

It enables the doctor to decide the choice of material that would suit the best. Generally, dentures are fabricated using acrylic resins. Nowadays, flexible cosmetic dentures are also available.

As far as cost is concerned, a complete denture made with indigenous material would cost approximately 20000 INR. Though it is very good in quality, some people prefer complete dentures made from imported stuff. This premium quality denture is available at 30000 INR.

Remember, there are indicative prices. You need to confirm it from cosmetic dentists.

Partial Denture

Sometimes, not all but some teeth are missing. They cause great discomfort. If the front teeth are missing, then they adversely affect the appearance. Also, there is a problem with speaking as well. If the molars are missing, then they cause difficulty in chewing.

When you meet the best dentist in bangalore at Sabka Dentist, you will be provided the best suitable partial denture.

Cast partial dentures with metal clasps are quite popular. In these dentures, the missing teeth are cast on a metal base, which has clasps at both sides. These clasps will hold the natural teeth and keep the denture fixed.

Partial dentures give excellent replacement for the missing teeth and retain almost 100 percent functionality. Flexible partial dentures are lightweight and more stylish than dentures with metal clasps.

The cost of a partial denture will depend on how many teeth are missing. Roughly, it would be around 1000INR per tooth.

Implant-supported complete denture

It is the most advanced and most natural-looking denture. Also, it gives the functionality of almost 100% of natural teeth. In this, teeth are firmly screwed with the help of precision attachment. However, it is essential to have a good jawbone density for the success of implants. Based on bone resorption, the patient may need two to four implants to support a complete denture. 

The dental implant cost is quite higher as compared to a removable partial denture. There are two to four implants needed to make the complete denture of one side. At Sabka Dentist, one of the best dental clinic in bangalore, the cost per implant is 35000 INR approximately. It includes the cost of a titanium implant and crown.


Are you looking for a reasonable price for partial or full dentures in India? If yes, then you should search for it on the Internet. Find the best dental clinic in bangalore where you get good service. A good denture fulfills all your aesthetical and functional needs. Though the cost is high for some specific types of dentures, you can choose among the cheaper options. The total cost varies between 20000 INR to 150,000 INR depending on your preference. It is essential to decide your priorities. Once you are ready with the homework, talk to the cosmetic dentist and get the right choice.

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