Disturbed due to missing tooth issue? Many people come across missing tooth situations and ponder why should I replace a missing tooth even if it is creating no problems for me? There are two reasons as to why you must replace missing tooth viz one is the appearance which is a major concern for some […]

Disturbed due to missing tooth issue?

Many people come across missing tooth situations and ponder why should I replace a missing tooth even if it is creating no problems for me? There are two reasons as to why you must replace missing tooth viz one is the appearance which is a major concern for some and while second is the gap created due to the missing tooth which can pose dental problems to your oral health. The second one should be of prime importance.

The gap resulting due to the missing teeth can obstruct your biting process because the teeth which are there beside the gap may occupy that place and create alignment problems with the upper teeth and lower teeth which are supposed to function in a pair. This can also cause decay and gum related diseases since the food may get stuck in the gap and its very common to happen every day.

Missing teeth treatment

The teeth replacement or missing teeth treatment first considers the number of the teeth missing in the crown and then the position as to where they are missing in the mouth. There are various missing teeth treatments. To replace missing teeth, two dental procedures have been used generally in dentistry. The first one involves a removable false tooth – technically called “removable partial denture”. The second one involves a fixed bridge – fixed partial denture. This procedure of bridging one is used in cases where there are a lesser number of the teeth to be replaced or when one side of the mouth is characterized with the missing teeth.

What is a partial denture?

The base is a plastic gum-colored base, to this the false teeth are attached, and this is called partial denture. The surface can be made up of plastic or a mixture of metal and plastic. To help keep the denture in place, both the types may be characterized with clasps. Some of the clasps may be visible when you open your mouth or when you smile but it depends where exactly the denture is placed. Generally, people tend to lose the front teeth and are looking for its solution in the form of partial dentures for front teeth.

What is the distinction between a plastic or metal base?

Plastic partial denture is more cost efficient to manufacture and thereby less expensive, but they require precision when they are made otherwise the supporting teeth may run into trouble and cause some damage to it.

The base of metal partial dentures is made from an alloy of cobalt and chromium. They are anchored in a better way and stronger to hold in an affixed place. They are supported by the remaining teeth and are not heavy, so they give a lighter feel in terms of wear. The colour of base is pink shaded (like the gum colour) although the base is made up of the metal and the natural looking teeth are pinned to it. They are a little costlier compared to plastic one.

Finding a suitable one for you?

The dentist will guide you in a better way and it also depends upon the condition of the remaining teeth. One size doesn’t fit for all and it depends on case to case. The guidance of a dentist will give you the best possible result and it’s advisable to do as they say. Generally, in most cases the metal base partial dentures give the best possible results.

Is it possible to fix the bridge, immediately after tooth extraction?

The recovery period is to look for here as it depends how fast the gums take to heal post tooth removal. In many cases, the healing process would take 6 months also for the gums to heal entirely. In such a scenario, the temporary denture will be required for 6 months before the bridge is affixed.

Care required for the removable partial denture and how to look after them?

The basic care to look after removable partial dentures is brush, soak, brush. Proper care is required at the time when you’re cleaning dentures. If you fear in case of falls, clean in a bowl of water and then soak the water by placing them in a folded towel. If any food debris is attached to it, it is advisable to brush your dentures before soaking them. Sometimes if you notice any stubborn stains on denture clean them with an effervescent denture cleaner, but at the same time keep in your mind to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for the good results. Avoid scrubbing them too hard or else it will cause grooves on its surface. Remember, you must take care of them as you do for natural teeth.

Generally, a small to medium headed toothbrush and toothpaste is advised by the dentist for the usage. Surfaces and all the angles of the denture must be cleaned properly without fail and special attention must be given to the surface which comes into the contact with the gums. This holds significance if you use any sort of denture fixative.

Most importantly, get your dentures cleaned by the dentist or a hygienist if any stains are developed on them.

Is it required to remove the denture at sleep time?

To give relief or rest to your mouth, the dentist will normally recommend or ask you to remove the dentures during nighttime. Place them in water to avoid any cracking or deforming.

What is the alternative to a removable partial denture?

A fixed bridge is a main alternative in the form of fixed partial denture. At either side of the teeth space, it is made on the crowns of the teeth. By placing an artificial tooth in space, then these two crowns are joined. The artificial tooth is a laboratory made product and with the help of adhesives it is reinforced in the space. You cannot remove the bridge for cleaning purposes.

Another alternative is the bridge. It is joined by wings which are attached at the back of the supporting teeth. It also involves less amount of drilling.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Removable partial dentures are flexible partial dentures as they give the ease to rest your mouth.”
  • Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Fixed partial denture is one of the best treatments for the missing tooth as the benefits outweigh the cost.”
  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "As far as appearance is concerned it should take a back seat since permanent replacement teeth are more important for the whole biting process.”

Possible to opt for a bridge always to replace the missing teeth?

The procedure of bridges can be used only if you possess strong teeth with proper bone support. The best suited option will be provided by the dentist and you need not worry about the same.

What are bridges made of?

Porcelain is the primary material used to manufacture bridges and which are then attached to precious metals. There are also tailor-made bridges to give uniformity to the color shade according to your tooth shade. These are of special type and made up of stronger porcelain.

Cost of bridges

The size and type of the bridge according to your need will determine the cost. It advisable to get a written document or quotations of all expenses involving the treatment and then only initiate the dental treatment. The cost of bridges is on a bit higher side, but the cost benefit ratio is also high, and it will last for many years.

Post care of bridge

Cleaning is the basic principle and you must clean the bridge every day as you for natural teeth. With regular brushing you can keep gum diseases and a bad breath at the bay. Make sure to clean beneath the false tooth also on daily basis. The dentist will provide you with the steps and instructions as to how to use a bridge needle or special floss as its not possible to clean it with a normal toothbrush.

Which are the other methods to fix false teeth?

The other techniques used to fix the gap are crowns and partial dentures. In partial dentures the clips are not visible. Each patient has different requirements and case varies so do treatment and techniques.

Can I have a tooth which is attached to the jawbone?

Absolutely yes, with the help of dental implants. The biggest advantage of this technique is without crowding the other teeth and missing teeth can be replaced.

Remember, it is equally important to take care for the remaining teeth which are already there even after you have replaced the missing tooth.

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