Does everybody have wisdom teeth?

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During the teen years, most people develop wisdom teeth. Some people develop it sooner and some develop it late after a few years. Wisdom teeth are a little different from other sets of teeth. Most people develop a total of four wisdom teeth, while some can also develop less than four. The growth of the wisdom teeth causes some sort of discomfort and pain when they start erupting. 

What are wisdom teeth? Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that develop in the mouth. They develop in the very backside of the teeth. It is not an issue regarding the number of wisdom teeth an individual has, the pain and discomfort it causes is a concern for many people. Here, one of the best ways to deal with it is the removal of the wisdom teeth.

Why don’t some people have wisdom teeth?

It may be surprising that some people have four wisdom teeth, some have lesser, and some have none. However, for people who do not have wisdom teeth, there might be some reasons responsible for it. Some people have wisdom teeth which lie under the gumline. Some people do not have wisdom teeth due to genetic reasons. The evolutionary development of the ancestors might be another reason for the absence of wisdom teeth.

What is the purpose of wisdom teeth?

Usually, the mouth of the human has a comfortable space for the 28 teeth set that comes initially before the wisdom teeth eruption. It is observed by many experts that the eruption of the wisdom teeth is the result of the ancestor’s pattern happening from generation to generation. As we are today eating a variety of food that is usually soft, so 28 initial teeth sets are enough for chewing it. However, in the early days, people used to eat many of the harder food, so the wisdom teeth growing at the back would help in chewing it properly.

What are the problems associated with wisdom teeth?

1. Pain in the gums near teeth Pain in the gums near teeth

The pain in the gums is one of the common problems when the wisdom teeth start erupting in the mouth. Also, there is some amount of food trapping in the nearby areas that can further lead to bacteria development. Removal of such wisdom teeth can be a better solution for it.

2. There is little space for wisdom teeth growth

Most people develop 28 teeth at the initial phase that has enough room for the growth. So, the 4 wisdom teeth that erupt particularly in the back side of the mouth have a lesser place for growth. It causes pain in the teeth and crowding of the teeth

3. The growth of teeth is slanting

Usually, the teeth grow in a straight direction naturally. However, in some cases, the growth of the teeth slants in the other direction due to lesser space. It can further cause the teeth misalignment problem.

4. Infection around the teeth

The eruption and growth of the wisdom teeth is a complicated process. So, while the growth of the teeth there can be a problem with the tooth root or bone of the tooth. This can cause an infection in the teeth that can be very painful.

What to do with the wisdom teeth?

It is a very difficult situation to make the decision about keeping the wisdom teeth or removing them altogether. Well, the decision depends on the situation of the wisdom teeth and the nearby oral condition.

Situation to keep the wisdom teeth:

If the growth of the wisdom teeth is happening normally which is growing properly straight then it is worth keeping the wisdom teeth. Here, the teeth must not exert pressure on the nearby teeth and must feel comfortable while chewing the food.

Situations to remove the wisdom teeth:

Allowing the wisdom can be problematic and painful which needs to be removed. If the wisdom teeth are not getting enough space for growth, causing discomfort while chewing the food, impacting the smile, and other reasons are problematic. Here, the removal of the wisdom teeth is the better option.

When is the ideal time to see a Dentist with respect to wisdom teeth?

If you feel a problem with the growth of the wisdom teeth then it is better to visit the dentist soon. If you feel pain in the back teeth or nearby gum areas then it might be an indicator of wisdom teeth growth. If the problem regarding this is not solved soon then it can cause problems like cavity development, infection, shifting other teeth, etc. A dentist can give you a proper suggestion about keeping or removing the wisdom teeth.

It is important to understand the symptoms of wisdom teeth growth and take the necessary steps. If you are experiencing issues with wisdom teeth then visit the dentist soon.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Wisdom teeth are the last teeth set to erupt in the mouth that is painful usually. Dental experts suggest immediate check-up and get proper treatment. The lack of space at the back teeth causes it to grow. Either the wisdom tooth can be retained or removed as per the situation."

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