Is teeth whitening safe or not?

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As the teeth whitening cost has lowered significantly, it has gained tremendous popularity. Also, there has been an increase in aesthetic awareness among people. Today, nobody wants to be known for yellow teeth.

But it is equally important to use the best and the safest methods of teeth whitening. The best thing is to consult a qualified teeth whitening dentist, instead of trying some non-standard methods.

The question is whether teeth whitening is safe or not? If you ask an expert dentist, then you will get an answer that it is safe if done by an expert.

How to ensure the safety of teeth whitening?


When you want to take steps towards a whiter smile, then it is pivotal to follow the best and the safest method.

  • Meet your dentist: When you want the best whitening results, you should go to the dentist. He can evaluate tooth health and address any issues first. Any cavities or gum disease has to be resolved before you begin a tooth whitening protocol. Also, the dentist can advise on the best suitable whitening treatment and answer all your queries.
  • ADA acceptance: All whitening products should contain the ADA seal of acceptance. It indicates the safety of the product. ADA is the authority that reviews and approves products. The safety and effectiveness of the whitening product are confirmed by the dentist.
  • Read product instructions first: Though teeth whitening dentist is an expert, it is important that you also read the product instructions. Each whitening product has a unique set of instructions for the frequency and duration of use. Both overuse and incorrect use may put the person at high risk of side effects such as tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

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Is tooth whitening safe? The answer is “Yes”. An expert dentist, while using whitening protocol like any other medical treatment, gives instructions. You need to listen to your dentist. You need to follow instructions and you should watch for unwanted side effects.

Then, you can effectively and safely whiten the teeth and brighten the smile. It will boost the confidence and make the person happy.

Earlier research has shown that whitening products might also soften or roughen the surface of the teeth. But the development in the whitening process has reduced the risk of damage. There may be a temporary change to the surface, but it would reverse once the use of chemicals gets over.

A qualified and experienced dentist does a thorough analysis of the condition of the teeth before using whitening products. Only suitable products are used.

Hence, it is very much important not to cut corners while doing teeth whitening. Some people use sub-standard products to lower the teeth whitening cost but it is not good for the health of the teeth.

Once the whitening treatment is done, one should take care of the teeth to avoid further staining. Better care will ensure that the results of the whitening treatment last longer. The teeth will remain shining white and there will be no need to undergo the process again.

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