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Laser Dentistry as a treatment

Today, laser technology has revolutionized the medical field. It has many applications in the medical profession ranging from eye, skin, hair, teeth etc. There are various types of lasers. Laser treatment in dentistry is very prominent and it is used in many procedures. 


The minimal invasive nature is its biggest feature which has made it famous all over the world. In comparison to traditional treatments, laser dentistry is less painful. The use of laser in dentistry has made a paradigm shift in technology and treating the patients.

Dental Laser Treatment

There are various types of lasers as mentioned and their applications also differ. Lasers are simply very arrow electromagnetic radiation with focused light beams, which help to make small changes in tissues depending upon the treatment. 


Laser dentistry has been used in many dental issues ranging from removing the overgrown tissue to give a proper shape to the gums to provide luster to your teeth.

Various types of lasers used in Dentistry

All our tissues have some similarities and differences. Due to the differences prevailing in the tissues their response to stimuli is also different. 


They react differently to the laser beams. The lasers have been divided into two types by the scientists for the convenience and major feature used to distinguish them is the wavelength factor. Two types are soft tissue laser dentistry and the other one is hard tissue laser dentistry.

types of laser dentistry

Some Common Soft Tissue Treatments:

  1. Gummy smile Treatment: It is a teeth condition where the excessive gums overshadow the teeth and teeth become a secondarily visible in smile. The primary highlight is captured by gums. The tissues of gums can be rectified and given a proper shape with help of laser dentistry.
  2. Broadening of Crown: This laser dentistry treatment has application to fix the smile structure. The tooth structure is strengthened as changes occur in both gum tissue and bone. Your smile can become perfect with it.
  3. Treatment of Muscle Frenula viz attachment: It is a procedure to get rid of constrained frenulum (the fold of the skin under your tongue). The procedure is called laser frenectomy. This laser dentistry helps children who suffer from stammering which is difficulty in pronouncing various words of alphabets which impairs their speech ability.
  4. Subtraction of soft tissue folds: It is a painless procedure which is used to remove the folds of soft tissue. It can be done by traditional method too, but lasers are a good option. This laser dentistry can be of use to fix the ill-fitting dentures.

Some Common Hard Tissue Treatments/Hard Tissue lasers in dentistry

  1. Cavity Detector: It is a low intensity soft tissue laser which is used to detect cavities in the teeth. It provides a greater knowledge about the tooth decay of the patient.
  2. Dental Filling or Tooth Preparation: People who are anesthesia phobic or drills which giving chilling grinding noise then this laser dentistry is perfect for you. With the help of hard lasers, we can rule out the use of anesthesia or grinding tools. The bacteria residing in the cavities gets eliminated and it is a potential measure to restore long term improvement. Despite the treatment, the lasers don’t have the capacity to substitute the amalgam crowns or fillings.
  3. Tooth Sensitivity: The sensitivity of teeth is a common issue and laser dentistry here can be your savior. The hot and cold sensation of your teeth is due to the tubules and these tubules are wrapped.

Some other dental laser treatment: Use of laser dentistry is immense, and you should even look for some treatments mentioned below

  • To view tissues: The technique used by dentists to view the inner portion of your teeth or gum tissue is Optical Coherence Tomography.
  • Removal of Benign Tumor: Patients tend to generally opt to reinstate the healthy gums as its minimally invasive in nature. The gums and palate are made free of tumors with the help of it.
  • To treat Sleep Apnea: Tissue overgrowth may cause many problems. This can be difficulty in breathing or any other related issues. The throat related problems can also be solved with the help of laser dentistry. This technique called sleep apnea is specifically used when there is excessive tissue growth.
  • Regeneration of Nerve: Due to many reasons the nerves and the blood vessels get damaged which give rise to bigger problems. To nip the bud in time lasers are a good opportunity to treat injured nerves and blood vessels
  • To treat cold sores: Cold sores could be really painful and can ruin your whole day and over productivity. Laser dentistry can help to treat it and in a painless manner.
  • Whiten the teeth: In general, bleach whitens things. In the same manner the bleach process in laser dentistry will help you to have white and shiny teeth.

benefits of laser dentistry

Benefits of Laser Dentistry:

  • The number of stitches called sutures required are drastically reduced and become minimum.
  • Anesthesia is prerequisite for traditional dental treatments but in laser dentistry the chances of giving the anesthesia are reduced or is not necessary.
  • With the help of laser dentistry, we can sterilize the gums and making them immune to infection which results in less damage to the gums.
  • Traditional dental treatments cause a lot of blood loss and which may have repercussions later, but laser dentistry is known for painless treatment and the blood loss is also significantly reduced.

What exactly happens in laser treatment of teeth

A range of dental issues exists, and each requires a different approach to treat and amount of laser is also accordingly used in procedures. As every procedure differs, the intensity of laser will also differ. Nevertheless, many dental treatments have analogous appointment procedure. 


Anesthesia is required or not for the dental laser treatment will be ultimately decided by the dentist and even if it is to be given the amount will be comparably less than the traditional dental treatments.


People generally opt for laser treatment for teeth due to its procedure as during the whole process, there is no uneasiness experienced from the laser beams. The amount of bleeding is also reduced, and the recovery time is much faster than traditional dental treatments.

Laser dental treatment cost in India

With the name of laser treatments people tend to think it might be expensive treatment, but Sabka Dentist has economical and affordable laser treatments. The laser price is not much on the higher side and almost like the traditional dental treatments. 


Laser has many advantages over traditional treatments as the number of the sessions are reduced, even the amount of the time required to perform the procedure is also less, so you save your precious time and energy. 


Sabka Dentist will ensure to all its patients that the budget will not be a constraint for them to avail the right treatment at the right time.

The Future of Dental Lasers

The continuous research and development in lasers will enable the patients to secure accurate treatments in many fields of medical areas. Lasers (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) are not a new phenomenon since they have been used for many years in medical science. 


The biggest advantage of today’s research and development work is that researchers work towards reducing the cost with the upgrade in technology. The aim of science now majorly focuses on solving even the trivial medical issues.


There could come a time when dentists with the help of laser dentistry will be able to do the cleaning of teeth, elimination of tartar and many other dental issues will be solved quickly. In current times, cleaning of teeth is till a cumbersome process as it is like surgery and technically it’s a surgical treatment. 


The disadvantage of this surgery is that the surrounding tissues are getting exposed to lasers which are actually healthy ones, and which ultimately culminates into their damage.


With the help of emerging technology and medical science, hopefully the dentists would be able to treat any part of your tooth and which would be a free dental drill procedure which would eliminate the chances of traditional dental procedures. This will help to address the anxiety factor of the people which is currently very high.

Consult a dentist at Sabka Dentist:

If you feel any of the mentioned above problems have semblances with your teeth, don’t neglect it and consult a dentist at Sabka Dentist. We are your very all-time friend to solve all your dental problems. 


We are housed with various dentistry experts and specialists in dental treatments. With years of experience, our dentists are one of the kinds and will provide you the best solution with its expert guidance. Sabka Dentist has presence in many cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Surat, Pune etc. 


Walk to your nearest Sabka Dentist clinic and avail the most amazing dental experience in the form of treatment. To reduce your hassle, you can even book an online appointment according to your convenience for the dental treatment.

Expert’s Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Lasers are a boon almost as it serves the purpose of painless treatment which patients generally look for.”
  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Lasers has many applications in dentistry like soft tissue and hard tissue treatments and it can become an antidote to anesthesia in coming times and also sutures.”
  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “The cost-benefit ratio of laser dentistry is very high.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser dentistry harmful and painful?

No! Laser dentistry is a very secure and less painful treatment and has very low chances of failure. At Sabka Dentist all dentists are professionally trained to carry out laser treatment and have an excellent success rate of laser treatment.

Is Laser Dentistry too expensive?

Laser dentistry is slightly more expensive than the traditional treatment, but this treatment is more effective and more time-efficient. 

Is laser fillings safe?

Yes! Laser dentistry is safe and effective for treatment for both kids and adults. Laser dentistry is also more effective in soft tissue treatments, like with the exposure of wisdom teeth or swollen gums from braces. 

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