What are dental implants?

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You must have heard of Dental Implant and thought that what is a dental Implant, right? Are tooth implants painful? What is a tooth implant procedure? …. A lot of questions. Relax, Sabka Dentist will answer all your questions and help to relieve the anxiety.


You must have seen people many times cribbing about their missing teeth which obstruct many processes. So basically, Dental Implants is a procedure which has been developed to help those who are suffering from missing teeth.


An implant replaces the portion of the tooth that is beneath your gums which is simply the root of the teeth and plays the role of wedge which is useful for the positioning of crowns. Now, you perfectly know what is dental implant.

What is dental implant?

The primary material which is used to make a tooth implant is titanium. With the help of a surgery it is attached to the jawbone. The treatment used is minimally invasive surgery and it is fixed below the gum line. Don’t worry the adjacent teeth are not touched at all and they are safe.

What is dental implant

What is dental implant surgery?

To analyze the bone structure, the dentist will ask you to get an X-Ray done which is technically known as OPG (Orthopantomogram). With the help of an OPG, we can view the complete or panoramic view of the teeth and jaw. If the results of the X-Ray indicate insufficient bone support then depending upon the case, a bone graft or a sinus life surgery will be recommended by the dentist.


The doctor will suggest what is best for you and if you agree for the implant, then with help of a surgery the implant will be fixed into the jawbone. For the implant to heal, it best to leave it there for a couple of days.


The process of healing is important as it helps the implant to grow which strengthens its capacity to hold. After the implant is healed, it is fastened to a post. Post the complete process, the dentist will place a fabricated crown or a bridge.

Dental Implant procedure

Advantages of dental Implants

The dental implants benefits are plenty which are mentioned below


  1. Appearance is improved: Dental Implants will give the feeling of having original teeth and you will feel as if no surgery has been performed. They are permanent in nature as the way they fixed, they get completely attached with the bone
  2. Eating process becomes simpler: The problem with sliding dentures is encountered while eating as it makes eating cumbersome but with dental implants you will experience a smooth chewing and eating process.
  3. Enhanced speech ability: The words will not be pronounced properly if the dentures are poorly fitted. The teeth will slip without the mouth. The slippage of teeth is eliminated in dental implants and your speech ability is improved.
  4. Comfort level is improved: Dental Implants give you a natural feeling of teeth and therefore they become a part of your being.
  5. Confidence is improved: Dental Implants help you to regain your smile and you get good positive vibes.
  6. Oral health is advanced: The necessity to reduce the other teeth is eliminated in dental implants which is the case with tooth supported bridges. As the adjacent teeth don’t figure in surgery and are left untouched, teeth remain well positioned, which over all improves the oral health.
  7. Durability: The durability of implants is very high, and they can last for years. They can even last for lifetime if taken proper care.
  8. Convenience: Removable dentures require messy adhesive to keep at intact but dental implants remove that cumbersome process of removal.

Do dental Implants hurt?

People are wary of getting dental implants as they fear the pain caused by the procedure. Post-surgery, you will be in pain for some time. With the help of anesthesia, the pain will be subsided during the dental implant procedure and in fact you shouldn’t feel any pain. However, when the effect of anesthesia is diminished, you may start to feel some uneasiness.


After this, the level of pain depends upon how grave the surgery, duration and the number of dental implants you had. With the number being on higher side, the pain main steadily increases with time.

How painful is it to get dental implants?

Every individual is different, and their pain level could differ as all cases are different in some way or the other. The time for lasting pain differs from person to person. Some amount of pain is natural, and it can last for 10 days post-surgery.


With the help of medications prescribed by your dentist. It is also natural to have swelling but you will be relieved with it within 3 to 5 days. The dental implant pain level is nominal, and you will get better with time.

Dental Implant Risks

Whenever any surgery is performed generally there are some risks associated with dental implants too there some risks. Seldom problems occur and even if they occur, they are very minor and can be easily addressed. Some of risks include:

  1. Infection can occur at implant area
  2. Surrounding structures may be exposed to damage and surrounding structures include blood vessels and teeth.
  3. There is a possibility of nerve damage which may result in numbness. This could be felt in your natural teeth, lips, chin or gums.
  4. You may experience sinus problems.

Care after tooth implant

Dental care after surgery is of utmost importance. Patients generally have doubts as to how to take care of dental implants and what to eat after dental implant. Care after implant surgery is extremely crucial otherwise it could ruin the whole treatment. Some common care practices are mentioned below:

  1. Brushing two times a day is a must and flossing once in a day.
  2. The choice of the brush is also very important, so look for an interdental brush. It will help to keep the implant areas clean and away from infection.
  3. Crown could be damaged due to the consumption of hard foods, so its best solution is to avoid them at all cost to keep the crown intact.
  4. If you smoke, then you must get rid of that harmful habit and you need to adopt the slogan of “Quit Smoking”. Smoking will impair your bone structure which ultimately results in implant failure.
  5. Every 6 months consult a dentist.

Sabka Dentist has earnestly tried its best to answer all the questions of what is dental implants, are tooth implants painful, advantages of dental implants, dental implants risks and even post care. In search of best dental implants, then Sabka Dentist is the best. We are just a call away.


Expert’s Opinions

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Dental Implants are the best procedure if you are upset with missing teeth.”
  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Dental Implants involve risks which are very minimal so people should opt for it as its also a minimally invasive procedure.”
  • Dr. Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “The supplementary benefits of Dental Implants are immense and therefore it’s one of the best dental treatments.”
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