Bleeding Gum: Symptoms and Simple Solutions

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You must have heard several times that good health is a very essential factor to lead a happy life. Here, good health also implies nice oral health. However, many of the people suffer from several oral health-related problems like toothache, tartar development on the teeth, and several others.


Here, we will see more particularly regarding the gum related problem which causes a lot of pain affecting oral health. Bleeding gum is one such problem which causes a lot of pain among many of the individuals. It causes a sense of irritation while eating food items or brushing in the infected area.


Here, proper bleeding gum treatments are very essential to avert further pain among the individuals.

Bleeding gums are the essential impact of gum illness, over half of the grown-ups beyond thirty-five years old experience the ill effects of probably some type of gum sickness.


Elderly people have to go through this problem to a lot of extents. There are several ways for bleeding gum treatments which can reduce the pain and help in healing it.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of gum disease are as follows:

  1. Bad breath : Gum diseases lead to bad breath. The main reason behind this is the bleeding in the gums. Bleeding gum treatments
  2. Drop in the gum line area : The person suffering from the gum disease constantly suffers from a drop in the gum line area. The gum line starts receding downward making the hold to lose.
  3. Reddish gum : The area of the gum bleeding becomes much reddish which makes it easier to identify the gum bleeding. Bleeding gum disease
  4. Bleeding while brushing : This is one of the common symptoms of the bleeding gums where there is bleeding in the gum when you are brushing. Bleeding-gums-while-brushing-teeth
  5. Foul Taste : A person suffering from bleeding gums suffers from a foul taste every time they eat something. The foul taste occurs more particularly when the food is eaten from the side where the bleeding of gums is happening.
    All the above symptoms are the clear indicators of the bleeding gums. There are some of the obvious remedies which you can use to treat the bleeding gums problem.

Here are some of the bleeding gum treatments which can be used to treat the gum bleeding:

  1. Rinsing with saltwater: Saltwater has nice antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities which reduce the bleeding in the gums. It also helps in the fighting against the infections which are caused due to bleeding gums. Here, you should add a pinch of salt in the warm water and mix the solution thoroughly. Further, you should rinse the mouth in a proper way at least three to four times a day.

    rinsing with salt water

  2. Baking Soda: You can use the baking soda along with the toothpaste. This will help in brushing endlessly the ulcers and the blood which is lost during the night. It does not just lessens the torment of the swollen gums yet, in addition, diminishes the measure of blood lost just as it make our teeth shimmer. To fix issues identified with the draining gums you need to keep up great oral cleanliness.


  3. Applying Ice cube from the outer side: If you experience bleeding, you can use the ice cube from the outer side to control the bleeding. It helps in soothing the cuts and the scraps from the inside region of the gum. It also minimized the pain due to bleeding. The ice cubes should be applied for at least 10 minutes.

    Apply Ice pack

  4. Avoid Smoking: The habit of smoking is always bad which leads to various major health hazards after some duration. However, the immediate health hazard of smoking is bleeding gum for some people. The toxin in the smoke of the smoking cause irritation in the gums and makes it very difficult to keep up with the bleeding gum habits. It is always a good habit for individuals to quit smoking if they have to minimize or thoroughly avoid the bleeding gum problem.

    avoid smoking

  5. Applying turmeric: Turmeric is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial quality for long years. Applying the paste of turmeric can be very effective in minimizing the gingivitis and other gum related problems like bleeding gums.
  6. Daily brushing: Daily brushing twice in a day, once before going to sleep and other after awaking from sleep is the primary way of avoiding gum bleeding. This is one of the vital practice which helps in avoiding maximum dental-related problems.

    brushing teeth

  7. Using a toothbrush with soft bristles: Toothbrushes that have hard tooth bristles can be harsh on the gums which are already suffering from some of the other problems. Here, using a toothbrush which has a soft toothbrush can be very smooth on the gums and can also serve other nice qualities of brushing the tooth thoroughly.
  8. Avoiding soda and sugary food: Soft drinks that have a high quantity of soda are not good for the teeth as well as gums. Also, sugar is a major thing which invites a large number of bacteria, its intake should be minimized.


  9. Oil Pulling: Oil Pulling is a process where the infected area is swished properly with proper oil. It helps to combat the infections caused by the gums due to bleeding. Here, coconut oil is a better option to use this treatment and make it more effective to control harmful bacteria growth.

These are some of the bleeding gum treatments which can be applied in a much simpler manner than expected. Amidst, all the natural remedies given above, it is always advisable to visit a proper dentist.


The above-mentioned remedies can put a relief for only a short duration during the initial phase of gum disease. When the effect of gum disease is grave, a dentistry visit is very effective.


Expert opinion

  • Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Bleeding gum is a very painful problem that affects the dental health of the individual adversely. Here, simple bleeding gum treatments can control the effect to some extent. Visiting an expert dentist is always a wise idea.”
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