What are the Side effects of home teeth whitening kits?

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Are you thinking about teeth whitening treatment? Well, it is a great technique that can improve the appearance of the teeth and enhances your smile. This simple procedure gives satisfying results.

Today, everyone is conscious of oral health and hygiene. With that, there is significant awareness of appearance and beauty. If you have sparkling white teeth, then there is a great charm added to your personality.

While teeth whitening procedures are excellent in achieving great results, there are a few side effects that you should know. In this blog, we will discuss a few side effects of home teeth whitening methods.

Sensitive teeth may have discomfort.

Are you having sensitive teeth? It means you experience pain while eating certain foods or drinks. If yes, then you have sensitive teeth.

In Teeth whitening procedures bleaching solutions are applied to the surface of the teeth. You need to make sure that after using this method, there should not be an increase in sensitivity. If teeth whitening treatment increases sensitivity and pain, then it means the procedure is not suitable for you.

You should never continue the method if you see these signs. Better, you should meet a dental expert and get proper whitening treatment. It will reduce the risk and increase comfort during the procedure.

If there is a tingling sensation

Do you feel a tingling sensation or a feeling like a mild electric shock after applying the teeth whitening method? If yes, then it is a warning sign. It means you have some side effects from the bleaching agent.

If you experience a sensation after using a home tooth whitening kit, then immediately discontinue the use. You should meet the doctor and take a proper whitening treatment.

Your doctor will take the necessary precautions while prescribing a teeth whitening procedure. It will not cause any harm to the teeth and achieve excellent results.

Inflammation and bleeding

When you undergo teeth whitening treatment, you should never experience bleeding or inflammation of the gums. If you feel that there is redness and tenderness in the gums, and you see traces of blood after brushing your teeth, then it is a warning sign.

It means the whitening element is causing bruising and inflammation in the pulp of the teeth. There could be cracks or breakage in the teeth, which is causing a problem.

You should stop the use of a whitening agent immediately if there is any irritation and burning sensation. It means the bleaching agent is very strong. It could cause permanent damage to the teeth. Sometimes, the teeth get a severe and irreversible impact.

You should rush to the doctor immediately and get it treated. Once the inflammation is cured, your doctor will prescribe a suitable tooth whitening agent to you.

If your stomach or throat hurts

Home teeth whitening kits may have cleaning agents that will irritate the nose, throat, and stomach. It can cause medical complications if you use it for a prolonged period.

Doctors say that you should watch if there is any side effect of the home teeth whitening kit after 48 hours of usage. If you see any alarming signs, Then it is better to stop the usage of a teeth whitening kit and meet an expert for further guidance.

You should not rely on home methods as far as possible. Always use whitening procedures prescribed by a qualified doctor. It is better for the teeth.

These procedures will harm you and also provide ineffective results. The whitening effect will not last long, and you will have to repeat the procedure.

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