How to achieve teeth whitening for sensitive teeth?

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It becomes very problematic when you do not have white teeth. The stains or yellowish layer are the main reasons that give full effect to the teeth and remove the white luster. Here, the person who does not have white teeth always tries to hide their mouth while smiling, abstains from smiling, hesitates to go ahead for important circumstances, and there are several other drawbacks too. There are many ways through which dental experts can provide teeth whitening through treatment. However, many people worry when they have sensitive teeth and it may trouble them more during the teeth whitening process.

Are there any hopes of whitening sensitive teeth?

whitening sensitive teeth

There are some different treatment methods used by dental experts to deal with sensitive teeth. Also, one can use some of the simple home remedies for whitening sensitive teeth. So, there is great hope for the people who have sensitive teeth to get that nice smile with teeth whitening. The remedies for teeth whitening is one of those very painless that can give effective white teeth.

When you use home teeth whiteners, the effect of discomfort is low that can easily be minimized. Here, you will not be interfered with by any of the daily activities of eating or drinking. If you find that the teeth are sensitive to the whitening products then the dental expert can guide you better for the cream to use.

Some of the other systems for teeth whitening are:

1. Gels and strips for teeth whitening

Gels and strips for teeth whitening

Some of the peroxide-based gels can be applied directly to the teeth for achieving teeth whitening. One can also use a brush that can help to achieve the gel in a proper way all around. The results can be observed after a few weeks and can get some amount of sustained results by about two months. The strips and gel must be applied here as per the instructions given.

2. Using Whitening toothpaste

There are some toothpastes that have a nice quality of removing the stains or yellowish layer from the teeth. Some of the chemical agents in it help to achieve this in a proper way. Whitening toothpaste also helps to lighten the color of the teeth and give that nice bright smile.

3. Whitening rinses


Whitening rinses are some of the new products that help to control gum disease and dental plaque from the teeth. These products have the ingredients of hydrogen peroxide to whiten up the teeth. It can give the results within two months. You just need to swish the mouth with this solution for two minutes and spit it out. It will remove the plaque and other stains in a slower way.

4. Visiting the dental expert

Apart from all the above home remedies, it is always better to visit a dental expert. They can assess the situation in a proper way and then give the solution accordingly. Also, depending on the severity of sensitivity they can suggest some special teeth whitening treatment.

These are some ways through which you can do the teeth whitening for sensitive teeth too. Following the instructions in a proper way can help to achieve white teeth with a proper solution.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "There are some of the ways to achieve teeth whitening in different ways. Dental experts can suggest some of the special ways to deal with sensitive teeth while working on the teeth whitening process. Some of the special gels can help you achieve it. Proper care for sensitive teeth can give you better results."

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