10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth

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Sociology as a subject has a disclaimer before anybody studies it and which says about unlearning things which we have stereotyped in our thinking. The same concept applies to many things in our life and facts are something which help us to burst our myths.


Human brain is naturally inquisitive and seeks to satisfy its curiosity by knowing various facts and knowledge.

Sabka Dentist too wants its patients to unlearn many things about their teeth, oral healthcare etc and enlighten them with right knowledge in the form of dental facts or facts about teeth.


Today, we will look in depth about the dental facts, as dental facts are less known. This will help you burst dental myths and facts will provide you to practice proper oral healthcare.


To your surprise, there are many weird dental facts also which are interesting facts about the teeth. Look at some weird dental facts below.


  • Have you ever imagined how much time we spend brushing teeth in our whole life ? Definitely not, right ? We spend almost 38.5 days just brushing our teeth. It’s almost more than a month.
  • A toothbrush is made up of approximately 2500 bristles ! Yes, this dental fact is absolutely true and first such toothbrush with bristles was invented in China. It was no less than an innovation then. It was “Avishkar” then, you know haha !

dental facts brushing


  • You might think it’s a modern phenomenon to floss but it’s not the case. Flossing was first done way back in 1882. Shocked?! We know, dental facts are shocking and even knowledgeable at the same time.
  • The material used to floss the very first time was silk. Today, it’s made up of plastic, time to shift to biodegradable and environment friendly material. Let’s do our bit to save the mother earth !

dental floss

General Oral Health:

  • Cold is the most common disease in the world, then which is the second most ? Don’t you know?! To your surprise, its tooth decay. Yes, this dental fact is almost less known. Now that you know this one of the interesting facts about teeth, don’t neglect even the smallest tooth decay.
  • To avoid cavities and gums, people adopt many treatments but a simple naturally occurring food is your rescue. Yes, Coconut is anti bacterial naturally and helps to keep gums, cavities at bay and our smile is embellished :)

Let’s look at some more dental facts, now you are thrilled to know more interesting facts about teeth right ? Haha, we get the feeling !

dental facts & tips

  1. Your teeth are no less than DNA: As DNA is a unique part of every human being, one of the most amazing facts about teeth is that your teeth are also unique and there is no match found anywhere in the world. This is one of the dental facts which is rarely known to people and Sherlock Holmes could have used to solve many cases, haha ! Even the tongue print is unique !
  2. Bones as the hardest material in your body ? NO ! Tooth enamel is the hardest: People frequently refer to the word called tooth enamel but do you what is tooth enamel made up of and what is it exactly? Enamel is basically the outer coating on your teeth made up of calcium and phosphate, which is the strongest part of your body. The inner layers of the teeth are protected by enamel. Now, you perfectly know what is enamel made of and how significant it is.
  3. Sugar is generally antagonist: Sugar has a bad name generally and although your enamel is very hard it is prone to damages due to frequent consumptions of sugar laced food. This is one of the dental facts that is very important as Indians generally tend to eat a lot of sugary stuff. The effects of sugar on teeth are seldom known, as we often associate it to diabetes only.
  4. Your mouth is a reservoir of bacteria: Your mouth is home to more than 300 types of bacteria and it’s very normal to be precise. But some bacteria are harmful and one of them is “Streptococcus mutans”, sugar and carbohydrates are converted by it into acids. This causes decay of tooth
  5. Stalactite structure: Usually the structure of our teeth is similar to iceberg and that too stalactite type one. One third of every tooth is beneath the gums. This invisible part anchors your teeth and it’s important to keep the health of gums firm as they are primary structure which hold the teeth.
  6. Simplest way to detect decay in teeth is anything yellow in colour: Dentin is yellow in colour and it is the next layer after the enamel. Yellower teeth are a result of thin enamel and dentin is practically visible. First sign of cavities is the yellowish texture on teeth. After getting to know these dental facts, please consult a dentist at earliest if you spot any yellowish thing on your teeth to avoid further damages.
  7. Enamel is constant in size but dentin is not: One of more amazing facts about teeth is that dentin is also stronger than your bones. Their main function is to transfer nerve signals and nutrition with help of structure called tubules which are like passageways. Enamel does not change in size and nature but dentin is under constant changes all through your life.
  8. On average your mouth produces 40,000 liters of spit: The saliva produced by your mouth plays many catalytic functions. It aids the chewing process, helps to swallow food with ease and even is made of enzymes which aid the digestion process. One liter of saliva is produced every day, enough to fill a litre of water bottle.
  9. Plaque is to be avoided at all cost: There is constantly a white sticky substance getting layered on your teeth, that is nothing but plaque. It contains many harmful bacteria and needs to be removed everyday to avoid decay. If not removed, it turns into tartar. A healthy routine of brushing twice a day is a must along with flossing.
  10. Bad breath can cost heavily: Generally, people who suffer from bad breath are not aware of the condition. To check if you have one or not, with the help of floss scrap your tongue and give a sniff. In absence of telltale smell, your breath is clean. Dental facts about bad breath are very important as they may lose you a business deal to a date too!

Sabka Dentist realises the significance of authenticity of information and therefore the dental facts are shared with you so that you receive the right knowledge. In this age of misinformation, these facts of teeth will enhance the idea of maintaining healthy and good oral health.


With the help of these dental facts, you can also take care of your family dental needs. 

Sabka Dentist also appeals to you to stay away and burst the various dental myths and facts as provided above will rescue you in dilemmas.

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