Is diabetes correlated with any oral complications?

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Does diabetes cause any Oral problems?

Any individual needs to take all necessary care for maintaining good Oral health. Despite taking all the necessary care, many of the individuals suffer from some Oral health issues. Other health issues like stress, eating habits, or any other health-related issues also give rise to Oral problems. Here, we will talk more particularly about the effects of Diabetes on Oral health. Diabetes is one such issue that results in different Oral problems. Also, the oral health problem, in turn, makes diabetes very difficult to control.

Why does diabetes lead to Oral health issues (and vice-versa)? diabetes lead to Oral health

There is no single reason for Oral health getting affected due to diabetes, few factors are responsible. The starch and the sugar are mainly responsible for the growth of bacteria or teeth causing plaque and tartar. The surface of the teeth has a plaque that causes gum disease and cavities. A diabetic person has more sugar level leading to the growth of the bacteria in the mouth. The growth of the plaque deteriorates the teeth to a large extent.

Leads to dry mouth problem: dry mouth problem

A diabetic person often suffers from the Oral health problem of dry mouth. It decreases the saliva level in the body, keeping the mouth dry, and deteriorates the Oral condition. The gum problem like Periodontitis is also a result of diabetes. The gum disease also increases the sugar level in the body. Various researches have shown that the diabetes and the Oral health problems work in vice-versa format. A person needs to take proper care for diabetes issues to make sure that their Oral health is not affected.

Which Oral issues can be brought by diabetes?

The plaque build-up leads to the cavity build of the teeth which ultimately destroys the teeth. Some of the gum diseases like Gingivitis and Periodontitis can also occur due to diabetes. Gingivitis further leads to bleeding and swollen gums. Diabetes causes other side effects like bad breath. The gum disease leads to the tartar with proper treatment affecting dental hygienists. Diabetes causes the tissue erosion problem making the bone under the teeth affected. It eventually causes the fallout of the affected tooth.

Serious problem:

The problem of Periodontitis causes the problem of heart disease leading to major treatment. Specialized treatment is essential in this case where it makes things complicated. The person who has gingivitis and periodontitis leads to gum diseases causing more damage. In most of the cases, it has been found that the person who has diabetes already has Periodontitis.

Infection: infections

A diabetic person has other dental problems like red patches in the mouth, ulcers, etc. In many cases, the lack of saliva is also observed among many of the patients.

So, in general, there is a strong effect of diabetes on oral health. The person suffering from diabetes needs to take extra efforts for Oral care.

Expert opinion

  • Dr Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Diabetes is one of the serious health issues that causes different Oral health issues. Also, it is a vice-versa case, where oral health issues increase diabetes. You must take proper advice from the expert and follow it strictly. Avoiding high sugar food is the ultimate solution."

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