Bad tooth-brushing habits tied to higher heart risk

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It has become very important in today’s world to keep up your health better in this fast lifestyle. Many health issues are being found among the new generation of individuals that need to be addressed properly. Proper oral hygiene is as important for the individual as that of general health. A person must do tooth brushing in a proper way to avoid many dental issues. Various observations and studies have found that bad oral health impacts the health of the heart adversely in some cases. It is very important to address this aspect soon by every individual and take the necessary steps to correct it.

Can infected teeth cause heart problems?

Various researches done, have found a link between bad oral health and heart-related problems. One of the studies done by the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions has been researched on a few people. They found that people who brushed only once a day and less than two minutes had experienced minor or major heart attacks. Also, many of them have experienced heart pain. Whereas, people doing twice a day brushing and more than two minutes duration have fewer heart-related problems.

The publication once shown by the AHA Journal Hypertension observed that people having severe gum disease problems are prone to hypertension and other related issues. Many people having poor dental health have disturbed heart valve problems. They have stressed heavily on poor toothbrush habits being responsible for such heart problems.

Why teeth pain? teeth pain

The teeth pain is a slow process that occurs due to cavity development or gum problems.

Here are some common causes of tooth pain:

  • Improper oral hygiene can cause plaque or tartar development on the teeth. It further causes tooth decay that starts from a small area on the teeth and spreads to the whole tooth. It causes further pain in the tooth.
  • Injury caused to the tooth while sporting or other uneven aspects can injure the tooth. It can lead to more damage to the teeth.
  • Bad brushing of the teeth can develop more plaque layers on the gums that cause gum diseases like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. These gum problems can infect the nearby tooth causing more pain.
  • Infected root pulp of the tooth can cause an extreme level of tooth pain that will need a painful treatment like a root canal.

How can oral bacteria cause heart problems?

The human mouth has many bacteria, some are good while some are bad. The good bacteria help in proper food digestion in the body and maintain health properly. Some bad bacteria impact oral health badly and also cause other health-related issues. An increased level of bad bacteria in the mouth gets into the body and enters the bloodstream. It then further causes infections in the lining of the heart causing endocarditis. Different research shows that these oral bacteria increase the risk of heart attack to much extent. An improper tooth brushing habit is mainly responsible for such an increase in the bad bacteria that impact the oral health as well as the heart of the individual.

How bad tooth brushing causes obesity? bad tooth brushing

One of the primary things that impact oral health due to bad tooth brushing is tooth decay and the pain associated with it. This further makes it difficult for an individual to chew the food properly. Improper chewing of food causes digestion problems that can cause problems like obesity. It is a widely known fact that obese people have a higher risk of heart disease that can lead to a heart attack.

How to get rid of bad tooth brushing?

As we have understood the adverse impact of bad tooth brushing on oral health and heart health, it is important to get rid of bad tooth-brushing habits.

Here are some of the ways to get rid of bad tooth brushing:

  • Brushing activity must be done twice a day regularly. Brushing the night before going to sleep can help remove small particles from teeth and avoid cavity development.
  • While brushing it is essential to cover all the mouth areas with all teeth from all the sides. This will make all the areas of the teeth clean.
  • Make sure that the brushing is done on the gums and tongue as well where the bacteria may thrive.
  • Try to use the proper toothbrush while brushing to get better results of teeth cleaning.

As we have understood many of the cases have shown that bad tooth brushing can cause several heart problems. They can further cause chronic problems like heart attacks. So, it is important to make brushing habits better to focus on bacteria removal. If you are concerned about your oral and heart health, do get a regular visit to the dentist to get treatment soon.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Bad tooth brushing impacts oral health adversely. Dental experts and other studies have also agreed that bad oral health can cause other heart-related problems. Here, it is essential to get regular dental check-ups from the dentist. Improving tooth brushing habits is essential to avoid heart issues soon."

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