5 Characteristics of an Impressive Dental Patient!

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We, at Sabka Dentist, believe that quality comes at a price. We have a range of economical prices listed out for every treatment procedure that we perform (To know the price of dental procedures now, please click here).

We love it when our patients understand that we avoid bargaining in matters of health. So the next time, the doctor gives you a quotation, accept it with a smile.


There are several treatment procedures in Dentistry like Orthodontic treatments that take a year or two to complete. The treatment duration is not a brick wall. It varies from patient to patient. So, the next time your friend brags about his treatment taking less time, understand that your case is biologically different.


We never like a person being harsh, do we? Be it the matter of payments or treatment procedures, please cooperate and empathize with the dentist who is also a human being after all.


Every single instruction that the dentist gives you has been researched and analyzed over years. So the next time the dentist tells you to take a medication on time, follow the instruction. Especially if you have had any significant medical history of diabetes or cardiac issues, you must be extra obedient with these post operative instructions


We, as dentists, study for a rigorous 5 years and our ultimate aim is to save your teeth, not ruin them. So kindly trust us when we say your teeth can be saved or has to be removed. Basically, trust our treatment plans. We are here to help you, not harm you.


Lastly, visit your dentist every  months to keep your teeth healthy for a preventive dental checkup. A preventive dental checkup with provide early diagnosis of incipient dental problems and help you and your dentist attend to them before it gets too late.

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