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Consequences of Edentulism

Before understanding Full Mouth Rehabilitation Concept, lets understand the consequences of edentulism which will help us motivate our patients for getting treated.

1)Consequences on Bony structure:

  • Decreased width and height of the supporting bone.
  • Muscle attachment near the crest of the ridge, causing denture lifting.
  • Prominent superior genial tubercles, causing sore spots under the denture.
  • Parasthesia as the mandibular canal and mental foramen come closer to the crest of the ridge.
  • Increases the changes of lower jaw fracture as the bone is thinning out.

2)Esthetic Consequences:

  • Decreased facial height.
  • Loss of tone in muscles of facial expression.
  • Deepening of the nasiolabial groove.
  • Chin rotates forward,giving a prognathic appearance.
  • Decrease in the fullness of the lips.

3)Soft tissue Consequences:

  • Tongue increases in size and has increased role in mastication, thereby reducing the stability of denture.
  • Unattached mucosa for denture support causes increase sore spots.

4)Psychological Consequences:

  • Embarrassment with unstable dentures in the mouth.
  • Dissatisfaction with aging appearance ,low self -esteem.
  • Avoiding social contact.
  • Speech gets unclear.
  • Emotionally disturbed, as difficulty in chewing food and indigestion.

Understanding the result of teeth and bone loss, it is very important to educate and motivate all edentulous patients to get rehabilitation.

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