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Having bright whiter teeth is a dream of everyone. But it always remains a dream for some people. It is because they have stains or yellow marks that make the smile ugly.  

Thanks to advanced dentistry, there are several methods that can improve the appearance of the teeth and make them white.

A teeth whitening dentist can work on the specific problem and provide the right treatment to the problem. 

How does a dentist bring back the pearly white shine? What is the process of teeth whitening?

It is the treatment method to remove the discoloration and yellow layer from the surface of the tooth.  After that, you get the natural white color back that makes your appearance aesthetically better.

But what takes away the beauty of the teeth? Well, there are many reasons for that.

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Reasons for discoloration of the teeth

1 Bad habit
Bad habits play a major role in this. Smoking or chewing tobacco causes stains because it takes away the outer layer of the tooth called enamel.

Tobacco reduces blood flow because it weakens the blood vessels. When blood flow decreases, the teeth start losing their color. 

2 Improper oral habits

Improper or unhygienic oral habits not only impact dental health but cause discoloration also.

If brushing, rinsing, or flossing is done incorrectly, then the upper layer of your teeth will get impacted.

3 Impact of medicines

Some medicines also impact the color of the teeth. It is because the chemicals in the medicine cause damage to the outer layer. 

Other than these, some other reasons also impact the appearance of the teeth. A few examples are consuming excessive sweets. In some cases, discoloration is seen during growing age.

Treatments for teeth whitening

The most popular method is bleaching. First, doctors clean the cavities using their dental instruments. The tartar is removed, and a gel of active Carbamide Peroxide is applied on the surface. 

When it is applied, Carbamide Peroxide gets absorbed on the surface of the teeth. Due to a chemical reaction, your teeth get a whiter look. 

The dental expert decides the number of chemicals depending on the condition of your teeth. 

This method makes the teeth white and shining and the effect is long-lasting. It is one of the popular Teeth whitening procedures nowadays.

However, if the person starts consuming tobacco again, then the discoloration also happens again.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

  • Our teeth have very small pores on their surface. Whatever cleaning measures and oral hygiene you follow, these pores get discolored over a period. Professional tooth whitening procedures penetrate through these tiny pores and make them sparkling clean.
    • Modern whitening procedures do not affect dental health. Doctors use safe chemicals that clean the surface and give a whiter look without damaging the uppermost layer. As the teeth whitening price comes down, more people are getting it done.
    • Some mild sensitivity is common after getting a tooth whitening procedure done. But this is a temporary thing. You should expect it for one week to 10 days. After that, you enjoy shiny white teeth. Doctors prescribe medicines or anti-sensitivity paste to combat the problem.
    • If the teeth are misaligned, then one should get them aligned first. It is difficult to whiten teeth that are angled and misaligned. The teeth alignment cost in India has reduced a lot in recent years. Therefore, it is better to complete the alignment first. 
    • Since the patient should avoid eating for only a few hours, it is a very easy and convenient procedure. The patient should not eat anything colored after the treatment. He can resume his normal routine from the next day. the dentist will give necessary post-operative instructions to follow.

    A few points to remember

    • Sometimes, there are crowns placed on the missing or damaged tooth. The whitening process will not work on crowns as they are resistant to the whitening chemicals or tooth bleaching.
    • In some patients, the stains are so deep that the whitening process does not get rid of them. 
    • The procedures are supposed to be done by an expert. One should not try them at home. 
    • Patients must follow the guidelines and precautions suggested by the dental expert. It will result in better outcome. 
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