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Why do you need Scaling & Cleaning?

Your mouth is one of the key openings of your body. Most things good or bad enter your body from your mouth. Hence, your oral hygiene and cleanliness of your teeth and mouth is of prime importance. This is the very reason why most people are very conscious of their oral health.

While most Indians brush their teeth every day. More than 80% Indians do not brush their teeth twice a day more importantly they do not brush before going to bed. Most Indians do not floss their teeth. Usage of mouthwash is also not very common in India.


But even if you are brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing your teeth after every meal and use a good mouthwash regularly, you still need a professional dental cleaning and scaling every 6 months. This is to avoid formation of tartar and stains on your teeth which if not removed on time may be the cause of cavities and other dental problems.

Teeth Clean Cost There can be many reasons why people do not visit a dentist regularly. But wait. Why should somebody visit a dentist regularly? You should visit a dentist every 6 months for a preventive dental checkup and a professional dental cleaning and scaling.

But, as we know, there are many reasons why people do not visit a dentist some of them being busy schedules, laziness and ignorance. While we do not have a solution of the reasons of laziness, busy schedule and ignorance, we can provide you a free checkup at Sabka Dentist Clinics to remove atleast the financial barrier you may have for getting a dental checkup.


While the checkup is free, we do strongly recommend to spend a small amount on getting a professional cleaning and scaling every 6 months.

Your mouth is a great breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria forms a sticky film on your teeth called plaque. This sticky plaque if not cleaned properly over time hardens to form a yellow hard deposit called tartar. Tartar cannot be removed by brushing. The only way to remove tartar is by getting a professional cleaning and polishing.

If you do not get the tartar removed by getting a professional cleaning and scaling, the tartar causes problems like gum disease, decay and cavities.


Gum disease, if not treated, results in more serious problems like inflammation, bleeding gums, receding gums and bone loss.

Over time, if periodontitis progresses, it can lead to increased inflammation, bleeding, receding gums, and ultimately receding bone tissue.

The best way to remove the tartar and avoid the above mentioned problems is by getting a procedure of professional scaling and cleaning of teeth. This is a procedure when a special equipment called an ultrasonic scaler is used by the dentist. The ultrasonic scaler has a pointed tip which vibrates using ultrasonics breaking the hard tartar deposits and removing them from the surface of the teeth.


So, you now understand why dental cleaing and scaling is very important for your overall dental health and oral hygiene. Now let us know the benefits of professional scaling.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning

Gum & Teeth Protection

Regular Dental Scaling and regular dental checkups prevent deposit of tartar and hence keep the gums strong and healthy. This helps you prevent gum disease and also keeps your teeth healthy and strong. Since the dentist will also check your gums for any problems when he/she is doing the professional cleaning, the dentist will be able to identify problems, if any at an early stage thereby preventing larger dental problems in the future.

Healthier Nicer Smile!

Healthier Nicer Smile Dental Scaling and Cleaning will ensure that you do not have any stains on your teeth. Scaling will also remove any tartar deposits, keeping your teeth white and bright. Your gums also will be punk, strong and healthy. Bright Clean Teeth and healthy gums will ensure that your smile is amazing and attractive. So smile more!

No Bad Breath. Fresh Breath.

While a lot of toothbrush companies claim that if you brush your teeth regularly, your breath will always be fresh and minty, it’s a lie! The only way to avoid bad breath is to keep your teeth and gums clean. A regular dental cleaning and scaling will ensure that you do not suffer from bad breath.

Prevention of Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums Most people who have not got a cleaning and scaling regularly, may suffer from gum disease and problems like bleeding gums and inflammation. By getting a scan at the dental clinic, you can prevent problems like bleeding gums..

Reduction of Heart Disease Risk

A lot of research reports from agencies across the world have indicated a strong correlation between bad oral hygiene and heart disease. It is now a widely accepted hypothesis that clean and healthy teeth and gums can help you prevent heart disease. Hence, if you want to have a healthy heart, you must get a professional dental cleaning and scaling today.

We Indians are always a myth related to any issue. There are a few Myths that people have with regards to Dental Scaling of Teeth Cleaning in India

Some Indian Myths about Dental Scaling and Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning causes Enamel Damage or weakening of teeth

A lot of people believe that cleaning the teeth with an ultrasonic device will weaken the tooth structure or damage the enamel coating on the teeth. But this a senseless myth and has no truth. Scaling or cleaning only removes the superficial deposits of tartar on the teeth and does not harm the tooth structure or enamel.

Teeth become loose after Scaling

There is one more myth that teeth become loose after scaling and the gums lose their grip on the teeth. This is also a false myth. Yes, sometimes when there are gum problems, you might feel that the teeth have become a bit loose after the scaling process because of removal or tartar and plaque deposits which were present around the teeth and the gums. Infact, proper cleaning and scaling will ensure that the tartar and plaque is removed and gum disease do not get aggravated.

Scaling causes Sensitivity in Teeth

Scaling and Cleaning of Teeth will remove the layers of plaque and tartar that have been pulling your gums down. Due to this, if done after a very long time and incases of early gum disease, you might have some sensitivity after scaling and cleaning. But this sensitivity is temporary and it generally alleviates after a few days as gums revive once the plaque and tartar has been removed.

Gaps in Teeth increase after Scaling

Teeth scaling or cleaning is only removing the bacteria, plaque and tartar deposits on the teeth. It does not cause any movement in the teeth. The teeth do not move. Hence, it is impossible that scaling causes gaps in teeth. Infact if you have gaps in teeth, it is even more important to get a regular dental cleaning and scaling since the gaps in your teeth create larger possibility of food lodgment and plaque and tartar formation. The gaps in your teeth can anyways be corrected by another dental treatment at Sabka Dentist Clinics called Braces or Orthodontics. To learn more about Braces Treatment, click here.

Professional Scaling and Cleaning is Painful

Dental scaling is not painful. Infact most dentists consider it to be a procedure as pleasurable as a spa or a manicure. Like in a manicure, you will feel a better cleaner and fresher version of yourself after the dental cleaning and scaling procedure. It is a very comfortable procedure and is perfect for your oral health.

So, this should be enough content to help you make a decision to visit a Sabka Dentist Clinic for preventive dental checkup and Professional Dental Scaling and Cleaning. To book an appointment, click here.

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