Cause of Yellow or Stained Teeth One must understand that smoking tobacco cigarette, beedi or any other form of smoking cause yellow teeth. But what causes this to happen? Nicotine is blamed for their yellow teeth from smoking. Oxygen in the air makes Nicotine take on a yellow colour. This is the main reason why […]

Cause of Yellow or Stained Teeth

One must understand that smoking tobacco cigarette, beedi or any other form of smoking cause yellow teeth. But what causes this to happen?

Nicotine is blamed for their yellow teeth from smoking. Oxygen in the air makes Nicotine take on a yellow colour. This is the main reason why people assume nicotine causes yellow teeth. This is unlikely to be the main cause of yellow teeth from smoking. Nicotine is also water-soluble and it is not very likely to stick to your teeth very well.

Tar is the main cause of discolouration among smoker’s teeth. Tar and other chemical residue build-ups on the teeth surface. The Tar then finds its way into the enamel in your teeth and this leads to the yellowish-brown colour associated with smoking.

However, there are a few ways that nicotine itself might indirectly lead to yellowing teeth. This is because it reduces saliva production, but this plays a very minor role in causing yellow teeth from smoking among the people. Hence, people debate a lot on whether nicotine causes yellow teeth.

Dental hygiene tips to improve oral health

The best way to improve oral health is to quit smoking. It is the most effective way to maintain oral health and hygiene. Also, if quitting smoking is difficult for your there are some tips to maintain the hygiene of the teeth and mouth. Smokers are given the risks and complication which include, that regular smokers should visit a dentist at regular intervals, and not skipping it. During the checkups, the dentist will watch for the signs that are causing infection to the gums and oral cancer. Hence, it is recommended for everyone to visit the dentist at least twice a year, but those with regular smoking must visit them frequently.

By going to the dentist regularly, smokers can be benefited to have clean teeth. For a smoker it is necessary to have a proper oral hygiene plan. Smokers should brush, do flossing, using a tongue cleaner, and mouthwash at a regular basis i.e twice a day. It is also very important to have the correct toothbrush, a soft bristle toothbrush that can be targeted to the areas where there is more trouble indication. The toothbrush should be strong enough to tackle the tar and plaque that causes yellow teeth from smoking that can be removed by using it. Smokers should also buy toothpaste that is mainly made for smokers.

The smoker is not the only thing that causes yellow teeth from smoking. Food also affects the mouth and teeth. Smokers should avoid such meals that are dangerous for the mouth as well as teeth. Beverages like coffee, tea, soda can lead to yellow teeth even when you are smoking. Hence, smokers should avoid such food and drinks so that it can breakdown the cavities easily.

How can you remove the get clean teeth?

The most simple way of removing yellow stains on teeth due to tar and plaque deposition is by getting scaling and polishing of teeth. We at Sabka Dentist Dental Clinics provide a very professional and expert solution of cleaning and polishing of teeth. This is also called cleaning of teeth or dental cleaning. The dentist uses an ultrasonic scaler to scrape the hard tartar and tar on the surface of the teeth and hence clean the teeth. Hence do not live with yellow teeth, get a professional cleaning of teeth at a Sabka Dentist Dental Clinic.

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  • Dr. Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "It is necessary to visit a dentist on a regular basis for a smoker as it can cause problems and affect oral health.”

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