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The aim of orthodontic treatment is primarily to correct the bad positioned teeth to optimize the bite and improve both function and appearance of the set. This treatment also works towards the changing of the smile.


The treatment of fixing the braces is often associated with the children. It is truly said to wear braces at an earlier age to get the perfect teeth. But, it is noticed that even adults undergo this treatment of wearing braces. The treatment taken by the adults is to realign the teeth permanently.


The procedure of the movement in the tooth is the same in adults and children. Hence, orthodontic treatment can be done at any age.

Some of the reasons it is necessary to undergo orthodontic treatment:

Deciding to have straightened teeth is always a positive idea, that not only improves the functioning of the teeth but also the appearance of your smile. The straight teeth give the advantage of improving the functioning of the teeth and the jaw muscles eliminating the pain.

A dental disorder exposes patients to a number of complications:

There are two kinds of orthodontic treatments: conventional braces and clear aligners.

Conventional braces

Braces are the best option for the technique of correcting the process. It is important to know that in recent years traditional braces has changed the deal of wearing braces.

conventional braces

Nowadays, small metal or porcelain brackets are stuck to the front of the teeth and interconnected with a strong wire, that tightens the teeth, creating the precise moment amongst the teeth. The shifting of the teeth is done according to the plan during the pretreatment.


This setup of the braces applies very slight accurate pressure on the teeth to move them into the planned and correct position. The wire worn is changed drastically as per the session and thicker wire is worn to get the best results.


Braces correct the position of the teeth both simultaneously.

Once the braces are worn, they have to be adjusted at every visit to the dental clinic maintaining the pressure applied. Hence, regular follow-up appointments are required to allow the professional to monitor the treatment.

Braces and dental hygiene

Wearing braces requires excellent oral hygiene.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are the solution for the patient who is opting for a more advanced braces type to get the best and conventional results, as compared to metal braces that do not result in any.

clear aligners.
Clear aligners are a modern and transparent braces not visible to naked eye is a method for correcting mild to moderate teeth problems. They align teeth just like traditional braces does, but instead of appliances a transparent tray, called clear aligner is used.

Just like the appointments are being taken during the fixing of the conventional braces, same in this process appointments are given for the adjustment of the aligner every 6 to eight weeks.


However, clear aligners are changed every two weeks, according to the treatment plan given by the dentist. The aligner keeps on changing and adjusted according to the plan decided by the dentist, applying the same force.


In a simple comparison of the orthodontics treatment clear aligners give out the fastest result than the traditional braces. But, clear aligner cost is comparatively expensive than the traditional braces.


If you want the expected result according to your thought process, it is necessary to wear braces every time, lacking all the time to avoid nothing from the treatment or comprising the result.


Clear aligners treatment involves the creation of a virtual impression of the teeth, by using the electronic gadget called a computer program to show you all the steps involved, during the initial stage of the setting of the teeth up to the final procedure of giving out the results.


Lastly, maintaining oral hygiene is easy since you simply remove the aligner to brush your teeth and floss appropriately.

Please consult a Dental Centre professional to find out whether conventional braces or clear aligners are right for you.

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