8 Advantages of wearing aligners

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There has been a dynamic change in the field of dentistry that not only changed the perception of patients but also the traditional techniques of dentistry to modern dentistry. In addition, of the braces list, invisible braces or aligners have changed the treatment pattern. People now are relaxed as they can experience the braces without any pain.


Easy to access, aligners have changed the judgment and raised the confidence of having a good smile and appearance. In the previous days, it was the traditional braces like metal braces that played the role of straightening teeth. However, most of them found these braces to be complicated and uncomfortable. These means of wearing braces had worsened the problems of braces.


Hence, to change and remove the fear from the people, the field of dentistry introduced aligners or invisible trays that are fixed and can be worn comfortably.


Here are the eight advantages of wearing aligners.


Aligners also called invisible trays have changed the perception of patients towards the comfort level of the braces. Now, the question is how clear trays have changed the view of wearing braces? Aligners have afforded the patient the ability allowing them to lead a normal life even after wearing trays that can be removed whenever necessary. The task of removing trays includes sleeping, eating, and cleaning.


Traditional braces like metal braces are noticeable that has made the adults regret wearing metal braces. Not only to this extent but technically also it has made it difficult because of the food caught between the brackets that spoils the overall appearance. Clear trays have clearly changed the thoughts by adding the advantage of wearing the braces and removing them at any time.


Metal braces contain many dental appliances like brackets, elastics, and a metal wire that is uncomfortable and sometimes can be quite poky to cheeks or tongue. This can cause severe pain and discomfort inside the mouth. Also, it is an open invitation for the bacteria as the food that we intake is caught on the brackets that can lead to decay and gum diseases.


In such a case, cleaning is necessary and for one cleaning it becomes a lazy task after every meal. Aligners are mold in such a way that it is easy and comfortable while wearing and removing. It will eliminate the irritation.

Shorter treatment times

As compared to traditional braces, aligners are time-consuming, which means that the treatment time is less as compared to other braces appliances. It usually takes 18 months for the complex treatment to be solved.

Knowing exactly what you will get

The best part of aligner treatment is that the treatment is planned and executed digitally, which means that the orthodontists make the impression of the patients digitally and plan the treatment accordingly. This gives them an accurate road map that can track and follow up properly without any mistake.


It also gives them a glimpse of future results. Such advantages cannot be expected in the treatment of metal braces as the impression is taken physically which may not give the exact result. Hence, don’t think or wait to experience the smile today with us!

Eat Whatever You Want

The way there is food restriction while braces are on can be the worst part about the teeth. Some of the favorite food has to be restricted like cheese, chocolates and more can ruin your feeling as well as the celebration of eating.


But in the case of aligners, it is easy and exciting to eat anything at any time as there won’t be any limits in eating. This is because aligners allow you to remove the tray while eating.

Better Dental Health

It is an advantage of getting the right results as it eliminates the crowding of the teeth making it easier to care of, which can result in overall better dental health and care.

Beautifully Straight Teeth

The result of wearing aligners for 18 months will give you the appropriate straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Make the aligners the best choice and solution to all your dental problems.

Expert’s Opinions

  • Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “The thought of wearing aligners will give you the best advantages along with the finest results.”

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  • These are the reasons why aligners are preferred over traditional braces

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