Difference between Overjet and Overbite

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Difference between overjet and overbite

Most of the people have to go through some or other dental related problems in their life. These are some of the problems which cannot be treated by Dentists, instead you need to visit an Orthodontist for treating these problems. An Orthodontist is an expert who has done extra 3 year full-time training to become professional in it.


They particularly deal in treating problems like misalignment of teeth, improper jaw movement, overbite, overjet, etc. Here, we will discuss more particularly regarding overjet and overbite.


Firstly, many people may get confused over these two terms or some may think that they both are the same thing, as they sound similar. However, overjet and overbite are two different things.

What is overjet?

what is overjet

The upper front teeth protrusion is called an overjet. Here, the front tooth overlaps with the neighboring teeth. The individual constantly gets the knocking and chipping of the front teeth. Here, the upper incisors are present in front of lower incisors.

What is overbite?

what is overjet

As overjet is more particularly like a horizontal issue, the overbite is like a vertical issue. Here, the upper front tooth overlaps over the lower front teeth with more distance comparatively.

Causes of overjet teeth:

Hereditory problem is one of the main cause for the overjet teeth problem. Another causes includes improper childhood habits like excessive thumb sucking, prolonged feeding with the bottle which leads to upper jaw changing position.

The treatment of overjet and overbite is simpler during the childhood days or teenage, as the jaw is in the development phase.

Causes of Overbite:

Even overbite has similar causes like hereditory problem, excessive thumb sucking, etc. Apart from that, thumb thrusting can also be the reason for the overbite.

Is overbite normal?

In case of overbite, a little range of overbite can be normal. However, if there is a wider range of difference then it is not normal. Also, in cases where you are finding complications in speaking, chewing, or while cleaning the teeth then it is better to consult the Orthodontist soon. Treating the overbite problem at an early stage is beneficial.

What goes on during the overjet or overbite?

If problems like overjet and overbite are not treated soon then it can cause many problems.

Here are some of the complications caused due to overjet or overbite:


1. Difficulty while chewing or speaking

Difficulty in chewing is the common problem faced while chewing the food. Also, speaking involves active coordination of tongue, teeth, and lips. The inappropriate teeth position will cause problems while speaking.


2. Sleeping problems

Sleeping problems are more commonly faced by the people who are suffering from Overjet. The inappropriate jaws cause pain while sleeping in some positions.


3. Wearing-Tearing or Fractured teeth

The teeth are hitting each other in the Overbite which causes wearing-tearing of the teeth. Fractured teeth and enamel wear are also caused due to overbite.


4. Damage of gums

In some cases, the upper teeth can keep contacting the gumline of lower teeth or lower teeth may contact the gumline of the upper teeth. It can cause problems like gum disease and gum recession.

Can overjet and overbite be fixed with the braces?

overjet and overbite be fixed with the braces

The solution for the overbite and overjet is through Orthodontic treatment. Yes, the braces are used to fix these problems. Also, in some cases clear aligners and plates are used.

So, these are some basic differences between overjet and overbite. An Orthodontist can fix this problem properly.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Overjet and overbite are on the Oral issues which some people have to go through. Misalignment of the upper and lower teeth is the main reason for this. They cause problems in chewing and speaking. Getting a proper Orthodontic treatment can fix this problem easily.”


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