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You thought tooth pain is just a normal thing that will go off in a few minutes or seconds! Well, may the pain in the tooth vanish but, the reason for the tooth pain is never lost. It can lead to poor oral health. Hence, it is necessary to take prior precautions before the situation gets worse. Now the question arises where to search for the clinic that is affordable? Well, you have to search no more as Sabka dentist is here to provide you with all the dental related services at affordable prices.

Sabka Dentist is considered to be the topmost dental brand in India that provides all the dental services under one roof at affordable prices. It is a clinic that encompasses extraordinary, modern age technology, along with excellent dental services makes them a strong suit.

All the visiting patients or the existing clients are provided with top class services and treated as their own with great compassion and love, without any judgements. The appreciation we get is all because of our dentists that are qualified professionals who offer their time, hard work, and dedication to patients and their dental care. They are a group or team of dentists in K,K, Nagar, Ahmedabad, that caters with different dental service, be it an endodontist who is a specialist of root canal procedure, or a pedodontist to handle a childs oral health, or a periodontist to solve and fix the gum issues, or an implantologist to insert a dental implant, or even an orthodontist to fix those braces.

  • General Dentistry –

    If you face a slight irritation or inflammation in the teeth or the socket, it becomes necessary to see a dentist. Even if you dont have any dental related issues still it is necessary to visit a dental clinic every 6 months. Now, clients can feel free to visit Sabka dentist in K.K. Nagar, Ahmedabad, as they are offering Dental checkup, consultation, and X-rays for free of cost. In this procedure the dentist first examines the mouth thoroughly and checks for the reason of the tooth pain. If they dont notice anything through naked eye, an X-ray will be taken to see if there is an internal problem.

  • Root Canal Treatment –

    It is technically called as endodontics and the dentist who performs the treatment are the endodontists. In this procedure the tooth that has been damaged from inside due to untreated cavities is operated to keep the tooth uninfected and protected. The damaged nerve from the pulp of the root is extracted and cleaned precisely eliminating all the infection completely. It results in making teeth available for the functionality. The next procedure involves the protection of the tooth from the infection. A coverage material is placed on the tooth that is biocompatible called gutta percha ( a rubber like material). The pulp area that is now empty is filled with this material to keep the tooth stable and functional.

  • Orthodontic Treatment –

    In simple words orthodontic treatment is also called as Braces. It is performed by the orthodontist who has gained special knowledge and experience in this subject. At Sabke dentist we have performed more than 30,000 cases of aligning teeth and correcting the appearance. It is a procedure where the dental checkup will be done to check the condition or the position of the teeth. Once the examination will be done the treatment procedure will be started wherein the first step will include the taking of the impression and photograph of the teeth. It is done just to plan for the treatment accordingly. Second step includes extraction of the teeth if needed or to place the brackets, bands, and wires. Third step involves examining the movement of the teeth and planning for the next accordingly.

  • Tooth Extraction –

    When your teeth pain becomes major and inflammation, in such a case, tooth extraction is the ideal choice left. Even there are other choices of protection treatment there, but tooth extraction works differently. When the tooth is cracked or degraded with cavities and think there is no access to it, tooth extraction treatment is done. This procedure is also carried during the braces treatment where the tooth is extracted for the purpose of making space. The procedure of tooth extraction will be carried by inserting anesthesia onto the area, making it numb and accessible for the dentist to remove the painful tooth.

  • Periodontics –

    Is it your tooth that pains or the gums? If gums then you are majorly facing a problem called gum diseases problems. It is also called periodontist diseases. It is majorly seen in old adults where their teeth become weak causing problems in the gums. Even with other medical conditions gums are affected and hence precaution has to be taken to cure the problem.

  • Pedodontics –

    Did you ever know that there are dentists for children too that are also child specialists? Well, at Sabka dentist we have the special dentists for children below 12 called pedodontists. They are not just the dentists who look after the oral health of the children but also works as a counselor to counsel the parents and children about the oral hygiene and health. The pedodontists at Sabka dentist are assigned with a special task of looking after the cavities, and development of permanent teeth, both of which need extreme dental care.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry –

    Whenever you notice people with white teeth, dont you feel like having teeth like them? Well, Sabka dentist offers you with the cosmetic dental services that will change the overall appearance of the teeth. We have grasply adopted the international means of dentistry in our clinic that offers unique treatments like whitening, laser treatment, and veneers. We have the best dentists who perform such complicated treatments with ease and painless.

It is necessary to know and select the best dentist for your oral health, and hence, are some common points to find out the best clinic in the locality:

  1. Recommendation from others is very necessary. Hence ask for the recommendation
  2. The best way to ask for the dental clinic is ask the pharmacist
  3. Check once by visiting the clinic and then opt for the treatment
  4. Dentist should be qualified and experienced
  5. Go through the reviews and ratings
  6. Check the website
  7. Check the clinic on other apps
  8. See for the hygiences that is very important

Sabka Dentist a brand that is a fast running dental chain in India that stands out to be different amongst every one. It is surrounded with the positive atmosphere and spaced with pleasant working of the team. Visiting our clinic in K.K Nagar, Ahmedabad, will make you feel like visiting the place again and again as it comfortness and painless treatments breaks all the par that a dental clinic does.

Here, we take utmost care of maintaining the privacy of every individual, respective of caste, religion, and gender. We are also a clinic that is judgment- free. We maintain the highest transparency with the patients related to their dental issues. Visit our clinic or book an appointment at Sabka dentist in K.K Nagar, Ahmedabad.

Hardik Panchal
Hardik Panchal
06:50 15 Aug 20
Explained everything nicely. Friendly staff.
Raj Panchal
Raj Panchal
06:53 11 Aug 20
13:26 08 Aug 20
Deadly Boy
Deadly Boy
14:00 01 Aug 20
excellent services and well equipped clinic with very good staff. Dr krishna treated my teeth and gums very nicely.I was having problem of bleeding gums and infection in the gums. Dr krishna helped me to overcome my dental problem.I once again thank her
arpita jain
arpita jain
07:43 31 Jul 20
Karan Patel
Karan Patel
05:21 21 Jul 20
The first time, I visiting Sabka Dentist, K K Nagar Branch for my wife's tooth filling. One of the best dentist Dr. Krishna Solanki and Good and supportive staff members. good treatment and also give guidance regarding how to keep your teeth healthy. very convenient location, hygiene, spacious, neat and clean clinic, temperature check, sanitizing available due to this COVID pandemic situation. I would recommend them to my friends and family members.
Amit Panchal
Amit Panchal
07:09 20 Jul 20
Pratik Shah
Pratik Shah
14:52 13 Mar 20
Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel
16:49 12 Mar 20
I was provided excellent and quick service when I visited Sabka Dentist K K Nagar branch for my tooth filling. Dentists and other staff members here are experienced, patient and caring. They not only provided me the treatment I needed, but also educated me about how I can maintain a good oral hygiene. Also, the location is convenient to reach and the overall clinic is neat and spacious. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family members.
shahid koth
shahid koth
14:07 07 Mar 20

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