Can braces help with a variety of misaligned teeth problems?

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Having misaligned teeth is not liked by any of the individuals which is also a serious oral health issue concern. The misalignment of the teeth is also known as malocclusion which may be due to crowded teeth, crossbite, overbite, underbite, open bite, etc. Here, the teeth are in the condition of damaged, crooked, or in uneven shape.


Here, the teeth do not perform properly while chewing. The misalignment of the teeth also does not look proper. The smile appears improper for the individual.


Here, the dental expert usually suggests Orthodontic treatment for making the teeth alignment. It will enhance the functionality and the appearance of the teeth, operating joints, and jaw muscles. Here, the Orthodontist usually uses the braces treatment for taking the tooth to the proper position and treating the misaligned teeth problem.

misaligned jaw

What are the causes of misaligned teeth?

  • Genetic
  • Misalignment of jaw
  • Irregularity in the teeth
  • Bottle feeding to the child beyond a certain age limit
  • Mouth breathing during the childhood
  • Any of the injury that might have affected the jaw position
  • Thumb sucking habit during childhood exerts pressure on selected teeth

These are some of the reasons for the problem of misalignment of the teeth. It can occur due to one or a combination of these reasons.

What are the common issues solved by braces?

1. Misaligned jaw

The misalignment of the jaw is due to the crowded or crooked teeth. It causes problems like the uneven bite. This causes some pain in the mouth too that causes uncomfort in the jaw. The braces treatment can help in correcting a misaligned jaw to make it properly.

2. Spacing and Overcrowding


Some patients have the problem of the spacing between the teeth and some have the overcrowding problem where too many teeth are crowded in at a single place. Spacing between the teeth is usually observed at the front teeth that are easily viewable. 


Braces treatment can correct these issues properly. It will apply gentle pressure in an effective way on the desired teeth to make the teeth positioning properly.

3. Underbites and Overbites

overbite before and after In the underbite, the lower jaw is a little in the forward position than the upper jaw. In the overbite, the upper jaw is a little in forward position of the lower jaw. Both these problems cause problems while eating, smiling, and talking. The braces treatment can exert the necessary pressure on the jaw and the related teeth to take it to the correct position.

4. Open bites

Open bites

Open bites occur due to a large gap between anterior upper and lower teeth. It usually occurs due to habits like thumb sucking, bottle feeding longer, etc. Braces treatment can exert pressure on the upper anterior jaw to take it to the proper position. Braces have given many nice results for the open bite.

5. Problems of periodontal

Some of the misalignment problems also lead to gum disease issues. An orthodontist can analyze the misaligned tooth responsible for the periodontal problem. Braces treatment can be treated to get the tooth to come in a proper position. It can ultimately solve the periodontal problems properly.


So, these are some of the misaligned teeth problems that can be solved from the braces treatment. Taking proper braces treatment can help to achieve better results.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Misalignment of the teeth is one of the problematic oral health issues. Dental experts suggest the braces treatment can solve most of these problems easily. Braces exert necessary pressure on the teeth and jaw to take their proper position. Several misaligned teeth issues are solved easily with the braces treatment."

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