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Gaps between the teeth due to missing or removal of the teeth are not good for your smile and create problems while chewing food. Dental bridge treatment is the solution for this that is basically fixed prosthesis. It serves the purpose of natural teeth. In Mumbai, you can find dental bridge treatment at Sabka dentist at a much affordable cost.

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None of us like incomplete work, right? When the painter leaves a blank space by mistake, we get annoyed. When there is a very small amount of vacant space on the shelf, it is either for no books, or a small book and therefore, we are left confused.


So why leave the gaps between our teeth unoccupied ? Our highly trained dentists at Sabka Dentist can fill those gaps between your teeth, through a treatment called dental bridges.


A dental bridge is a faux tooth that is held and supported with the help of abutment teeth, i.e., natural teeth. The faux tooth or teeth attached is called pontics and it helps fill up the empty space. Porcelain is the most widely used material for pontics as it can blend in with the other teeth surrounding it and thus, gives it a natural look.


While we are at it, we shall also discuss the different types of bridges:

  • Traditional Bridge: The most common type of bridge, a traditional bridge is a typical bridge that involves a false tooth being held by crowns that have been attached using cement, to the abutment teeth. A traditional bridge is used when natural teeth are present on both sides of the gap, wherein the bridge is to be placed.


  • Cantilever Bridge : Similar to the traditional bridge, in a cantilever bridge the false tooth is placed besides the crown that is attached only one abutment tooth. Hence, only one natural teeth on either side of the gap wherein the bridge is to be placed, is abundant.


  • Maryland Bridge : Yet again, this is very similar to the traditional bridge, but instead of dental crowns, maryland bridges make use of metal or porcelain framework that is bonded on to the back of the abutment teeth.



What is the Dental Bridge Treatment procedure?

To restore that beautiful smile, or to simply restore your basic chewing habits, a dental bridge treatment is required. The steps involved are :

  • Post the X-ray, once the dentist has deduced that the patient needs a dental bridge, the first and foremost step is to take an impression of the entire set of teeth to know the chewing and biting of the mouth.


  • Local anesthesia is given, which makes the area numb. The abutment or adjacent teeth are then fixed so as to provide support to the dental crown that is to be fitted.


  • To spot any missing gaps, another impression is created that is then used by the dentist to fit the crown. Meanwhile, a temporary plastic bridge is fitted.


  • The last step is to visit your dentist again so that he or she can make the necessary changes, post which the bridge is fixed in its place, permanently.


What is the need for a Dental Bridge?

Dental Bridges Treatment in Mumbai​
  • Revamp your smile : A missing tooth is easily noticeable to another person, especially when it is right in the front. This is where a Dental Bridge Treatment comes in, and helps revamp your smile as the bridge blends in with your natural teeth.


  • Mending your chewing skills : The absence of a tooth makes it difficult to chew food, which is why dental bridges are used. It aids one to chew and bite their food properly by filling in the vacant gap.


  • Improving your speech : When you have a missing tooth, you partly fumble while speaking, or you get a lisp, or any other speech disability. With your dental bridge acting as your natural teeth, you do not need to feel nervous, because it pitches in and helps one to speak with ease and confidence.


  • Prevent teeth migration : One missing tooth is enough for the other teeth to start moving and repositioning themselves, completely changing the alignment of your jaw. Hence, a dental bridge helps to keep the other teeth in their position.


What is the cost of dental bridges?

Various factors affect the cost of a dental bridge treatment such as:

  • Material used for the bridge
  • Difficulty level of the treatment
  • Location where the dental clinic is located
  • Treatment of any previous existing problems such as periodontal disease


Sabka Dentist definitely helps with our dental issues, but also takes the stress off our backs by providing cost effective treatment for all the patients; so that the entire focus is on getting the right treatment at the right dental clinic, without any worry about the money spent.


Does it hurt during the procedure?

A dental bridge treatment does not hurt because of the local anesthesia that is injected into the area that requires treatment. However, the numb feeling stays for a while until it becomes sore.


The soreness then can be fixed using an ice pack on your cheek. If the pain still persists, or you feel a shooting pain suddenly then do visit your dentist

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