When is the ideal time for root canal treatment?

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While it is important to maintain the nice health of our body, keeping up a proper dental condition is equally important for a person. Several kinds of dental health issues continue to trouble many people. Cavity build-up on the teeth is one of the common problems troubling many people.


In the early days, removal of the infected tooth was the only common solution for this problem. However, how many treatment solutions have come up to deal with this type of problem. Root canal treatment is one such solution to deal with this kind of dental problem. Many people know the root canal treatment.


However, some people who do not know the exact root canal treatment, must be eager to know this treatment, more particularly on how is a root canal done? We will be surely looking into this before we understand root canal treatment.

What is root canal treatment? rct

In root canal treatment, the infected chamber is removed and cleaned. After that, an appropriate filler material is put in it. This is done usually when it is realized that the cavity in the tooth is reached till the root that affects the nerve too.


A root canal is one of the painful treatments in the dental world. Despite being a pain in tooth after root canal treatment, still, it becomes necessary to do the root canal treatment to save the tooth from the extraction. It will save the tooth, at last, to remain in the position which helps to do some of the basic activities.

How is a root canal done?

An initial assessment is done of the infected tooth, before going for the root canal treatment. After understanding the condition, the area of the tooth is made numb by giving proper anesthesia. Anesthesia ensures that the pain is minimized while doing the treatment.


Afterward, the cavity material is removed from the tooth and the infected pulp chamber is cleaned properly. After cleaning, a suitable dental material is filled in. The dental material will fill the empty gap. Crowns are then put on the tooth where the root canal is done. Root canal and crown are done immediately to ensure the safety of the tooth further.

When root canal treatment becomes necessary?

Generally, a root canal becomes important when the tooth gets decayed till the root and you want to avoid the extraction of the tooth further. It saves the tooth to remain in the position.

Here are some of the necessary reasons for doing the root canal treatment:

1. Swelling swelling

When you observe swelling in the tooth and the nearby gum areas, it is an indication of the problem in the tooth. Here, the root of the tooth gets infected making it necessary to do the root canal treatment at the earliest to ensure proper treatment.

2. More sensitivity to cold or hot

A normal level of sensitivity is common for all individuals when they intake any cold or hot. However, if you experience more sensitivity after taking cold or hot then you must take the necessary action soon.


It indicates the problem in the root of the tooth generally through the infection. Here, root canal treatment of the tooth becomes important to save the tooth from further getting decayed.

3. Gum infection

When there is continuous pain or infection to the gum of a particular region, it indicates a problem in the gum area. It becomes very important here to do the necessary root canal treatment soon to avoid further complications.


root canal treatment can clean the infected roots of the teeth to ensure proper working of the tooth. It will avoid further tooth removal possibilities.

4. Pain in the tooth

Extreme pain in the tooth is one of the common problems that indicate more problems in the gums of the teeth. The pain here normally occurs suddenly at any moment and remains for a specific period and go.


Here, the tooth needs to be treated through root canal treatment. It can be beneficial to get the necessary good oral hygiene to make sure that the tooth remains intact in the particular position.

5. Problem while chewing

This is a commonly observed symptom while the tooth is infected where the tooth experiences pain while chewing. Normally, the tooth might give pain on some occasions. However, when you try to chew from the infected tooth it gives extreme pain.


So, it is necessary to go through root canal treatment in these circumstances soon. These are some of the reasons when you must go for root canal treatment. You will experience some amount of pain for a few days after the root canal treatment.


Although there is a pain in the tooth after root canal treatment, it would be better to do it soon to avoid further decay of the tooth. Root canal and crown can help to keep the tooth properly. In most cases, saving the tooth through root canal treatment is found to be safe.

Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "When it comes to the infection to the root of the tooth, it is important to do the treatment soon. Many dental experts believe root canal treatment as a better option when the root is infected. Root canal treatment removes and cleans the pulp chamber. Afterward a proper crown is put to keep the tooth safe.”

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