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Just like taking care of our body health by practicing daily medication, the same importance should be practiced with the mouth and teeth. Keeping mouth healthy and hygienic will eliminate all the other issues associated with other parts of the body. The only golden key to keep your mouth healthy is practice brushing, flossing, and rinsing everyday at least twice a day and more than 2mins.

We have always heard that brushing or flossing every day does not cause any harm to the tooth and keeps all the cavities away. But, after all, following all of these procedures, many people still face a lot of dental issues and tooth pain. If you experience any toothache or pain in the tooth, the only thought that comes in mind is to see a dentist. But, what if the dentist is not available or it is a public holiday? So, here are some home remedies for tooth pain that will help you in tooth pain relief.

home remedies for tooth pain

Following are the common tooth pain remedies that can restore your oral health to normal.

  • Tooth pain- In the starting phase, tooth pain is not majorly experienced, but after a few days, it becomes severe. Hence, to avoid the pain rinse your mouth with lukewarm water, add some salt in it, it will help to remove all the leftover food particles from the teeth. In case, after rinsing, if you find food lodged on the teeth avoid using a toothpick, rather use a string of dental floss to remove it. Use floss or an interdental brush preferably. A toothpick can injure the gum tissues. In case the pain does not subside, rinse with warm water and salt and rub some clove oil over the affected area for relief.
  • Lost filling – The filling is bonded to the affected tooth after the dental treatment done by the dentist to save the tooth from further growing cavities. Fillings make the tooth available for their daily activities. It is said that fillings last for years (8 to 15 years) only when a proper oral routine is followed. In some cases, like excessive saliva, hard munching of food, or grinding teeth, fillings may lose its strength, resulting in falling of it. If the fillings are unbound from the tooth don’t try to handle it by yourself, if done then the pain is experienced. Hence, Rinse the tooth with lukewarm salt water until you don’t see a dentist.
  • Bleeding gums- Bleeding in the gums happens due to hard brushing or other oral injuries. The major cause of bleeding gums can be poor oral health and hygiene. Brushing from hard bristles have major chances of causing bleeding in the gums. In case, if you see bleeding in the gums use a teabag, put it in water, and squeeze out the excess water until the teabag is damp. Press this over the bleeding area for instant relief and see a dentist immediately.
  • Sensitivity- Another major cause of a toothache is sensitivity. Sensitivity in the tooth occurs due to many reasons like eating acidic food, sugary food or drinks, and irregular care for teeth. To avoid such a sophisticated problem of sensitivity, home remedies like using desensitizing Toothpaste, Hydrogen peroxide, Honey, and warm water while rinsing, etc will help to reduce sensitivity and if it does not help, see a dentist immediately.
  • Swelling- Swelling in the mouth is not a normal case. It is very painful. It occurs due to ulcer or pus deposited inside and may be due to red gums. To the relief the swelling put a cold compress as an ice-pack on the cheeks.
  • Irritation in gums- Irritation in gums can be annoying because it causes inflammation in the teeth. Until you see a dentist following are the remedies that will reduce the irritation. Take a bowl to add some clove oil in the bowl, add some lukewarm water, and mix it finally. Take a cotton ball, deep it into the bowl, and squeeze the cotton ball to take a little. Now, slowly apply it in the affected area for 30 to 40 minutes. It will help to reduce the irritation in the gums. You can practice this routine either in the morning or in the night before sleeping. Even after the pain is not under control see a dentist immediately.

Home remedies are not the ideal solution to cure all your dental problems. To totally get rid of dental problems forever, it is very necessary to see a dentist. In-office dentists help to find out the cause for the pain through dental examination and plan for the right treatment. Without a dentist, it is very difficult to handle severe tooth pain. It is universally suggested that dental checkups should be compulsory every six months. For the people who are regular smokers, or alcoholics, or chew tobacco for them seeing a dentist is very necessary, or else they will be highly prone to other dental issues as well as body issues.

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  • Dr.
    Ankita Gada
    Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Pain in the tooth can’t be avoided for a long time, and if ignored it may cause severe tooth problems. Hence, prior precautions should be taken.”


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    many of us still face a lot of dental problems and pain, these remedies will help you alot

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