Every person likes to have a nice smile along with good dental health. However, every few people can make up to get that proper dental health as most of the people have to go through some or the other dental problems. Many of the people today have small or big dental issues which are creating […]

Every person likes to have a nice smile along with good dental health. However, every few people can make up to get that proper dental health as most of the people have to go through some or the other dental problems. Many of the people today have small or big dental issues which are creating problems for them to live a satisfactory life. Toothache, tartar development on the tooth, gum diseases, cavity creation on the tooth, etc. are some of the common tooth-related problems. A grave dental problem creates a lot of trouble in eating the food items for these people. So, many people try some or the other home remedies type solution to minimize dental problems. Oil pulling is one such simple remedy to deal with dental problems. The oil pulling benefits have helped to achieve nice dental health for many individuals.

What exactly is oil pulling?

Oil pulling involves the process of oil swishing in the mouth for around 10-15 minutes. Oil pulling involves a simple process where the chemicals and toxins are absorbed through the blood vessels in the tongue and mouth. The stomach should be ideally empty for at least 3 hours before doing this activity. The morning period before doing the brushing is better for doing the oil pulling activity. The oil used here is sesame oil, sunflower oil, or coconut oil. The oil should be swished in the mouth for around 10 minutes. You can do around 2 to 3 rounds and then brush your teeth. After finishing the oil pulling activity make sure that the oil does not sit in your mouth while brushing and rinsing the mouth.

While doing the oil pulling activity make sure that the process is not stressful and you do it in a very relaxed way. Oil Pulling helps to remove all the bacteria and germs which get accumulated in the gums and small crevices of the teeth. Along with the removal of the bacteria, the oil pulling process also accelerates the production of the saliva. While doing the oil pulling make sure that the oil is pulled properly between the gaps of teeth. In the end, make sure that all the oil is not swallowed and completely spitted out. Dealing with dental problems has become much simpler with the oil pulling activity. It is much easier to get better dental health through this method.


Here we will look at some of the oil pulling benefits in a much detailed way:

  1. Natural Therapy

    Oil Pulling does not need the intake of any medication or visiting at any place. This is a natural therapy that can be done in your home. It involves taking simple oil like sunflower oil or coconut oil. Achieving relief is made in a very natural way.

  2. Removal of bad breath

    As the dirt and toxins which are stuck along the gums and teeth are removed, the bad breath problem is solved easily. The person can experience a fresh breath in their mouth in a very natural way.

  3. Controlling the tooth decay

    The different compounds and the nutrients present in the oil are useful to minimize tooth decay properly. The oil pulling can control the tooth decay problem in a much effective way.

  4. Reduces the inflammation

    Oil is very helpful in healing dental problems in a very natural way. The soothing properties in the oil are helpful to reduce the problem of inflammation in a very simpler way.

  5. Reduces Gingivitis and Plaque

    The increase in the Gingivitis is due to the inflammation occurs in the gums. Here, the plaque-induced gingivitis can be removed or minimized by the oil pulling method. Implementation of the oil pulling method has to be done at a very earlier stage so that the Gingivitis and Plaque problem can be easily avoided.

  6. Reduces the problem of throat dryness

    Throat dryness is one such dental problem which causes irritation in the throat. Soothing of the throat can be achieved in a very simpler way by oil pulling. It generally acts as a lubricant for the throat through which the throat dryness problem can be solved.

  7. Strengthening the gums and jaws

    Various oral issues also lead to the weakening of the gums and jaws. However, the oil pulling activity can help to strengthen the gums and jaws problem in a much easier way.

  8. Accelerates teeth whitening process

    Every person desires white teeth, however, many struggles to achieve it due to an increase in the stains in teeth. Oil Pulling helps to remove the stains on the teeth which help ultimately in whitening of the teeth. However, the result achieved here is a little slow and there should be a proper consistency in the oil pulling activity.

Oil pulling may not cure several specific problems related to dental health, still, many of the dental problems have been cured to a lot of extents through this method. One of the remarkable oil pulling benefits is about detoxifying the mouth from the chemical and toxins of different types. It should be noted that it is not easier to achieve the results of this method fast, it has to be done consistently over a few months to get desired results.

Knowing all the oil pulling benefits properly you can apply this to get dental relief. Just using any type of oil like sunflower, coconut, or sesame, properly do this oil pulling activity in a proper way. If it is not possible for you to visit the dentist quickly, then doing the oil pulling activity can help to achieve faster results. Oil pulling can help in dealing with dental problems and pace up the healing process. However, it does not mean that you should not visit the dentist. It is always advisable to visit a proper dentist for your dental problem and take proper treatment.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Dealing with dental problems is a hectic task, so applying natural therapy like oil pulling can help you to find some relief. The enormous oil pulling benefits ensure to cure some dental issues by increasing the healing process.”

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