How Much Do Ceramic Braces Cost in India?

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Looking for ceramic braces cost in India? We’ve got you some must-know information about ceramic braces treatment!

The word ‘braces’ often triggers the image of a teenager wearing a metallic smile. Despite their wide use and success, many people refused to wear metallic braces due to their poor aesthetics. Infact, many people avoid undergoing braces treatment due to metallic braces.


This is why ceramic braces were introduced. These braces have ceramic or tooth-colored brackets with a metallic or tooth-colored wire that moves teeth into a straight line.


Ceramic braces work similarly to metallic ones, but they are priced slightly higher due to their superior aesthetics and better comfort. The ceramic braces cost in India ranges from INR 25,000 to around INR 1,00,000, based on the city, orthodontist’s experience, and complexity of the case.


Let’s understand more about ceramic braces and why they are so popular!

What are Ceramic Braces?

What are Ceramic Braces As discussed earlier, ceramic braces, also called clear braces, are similar to conventional metallic ones but fabricated using ceramic material. This gives these brackets a tooth-colored appearance, making them far less conspicuous than their metallic counterparts.


The ceramic brackets are stuck on the front surface of your teeth using a dental adhesive material, and a metal or ceramic-coated wire is passed through them. When the orthodontist tightens the wire, it applies force on your teeth and aligns them.


When a tooth-colored wire is used with ceramic braces, it improves the aesthetics of these braces further, giving a clear appearance, earning them the name ‘clear braces’.


Ceramic braces have several advantages over the traditional metallic ones, such as:

  • They are more discreet than metallic patience, giving you the confidence to smile
  • Are as efficient as metallic braces to treat complex malalignment cases
  • The ceramic brackets are smaller and more rounded, making them more comfortable than metallic brackets.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Ceramic Braces in India?

Several factors affect ceramic braces cost in India, and these include:

1. City where you are undergoing treatment

The cost of ceramic braces varies in different cities and towns. For example, ceramic braces cost in Mumbai and other big cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Pune than in tier 2 and 3 cities.


2. Location of the clinic in a city

The location of the dental or orthodontic clinic in a city also determines the cost of ceramic braces. For example, the cost of ceramic braces in Delhi is more affordable in the northern part of the city than in the southern.


3. Orthodontist’s experience

Your cost of ceramic braces will depend on your orthodontist’s skill and experience. Orthodontists who are more experienced and trained will usually charge a higher rate as they have honed their skills for more years or have received additional training.


4. Other additional treatments that may be needed before or after ceramic braces

Though the primary treatment is performed using ceramic braces and wires, some patients may need additional dental treatments before their treatment begins. These may include tooth extractions, dental fillings, cleaning and polishing.


You will need a retainer after your ceramic braces treatment is complete, and its cost is also a part of your treatment.


5. Lab charges

During your ceramic braces treatment, you may require attachment or other orthodontic appliances to bring about some movements. These are usually custom-fabricated in a dental lab, and the costs may add to your overall treatment cost.


6. Clinic charges

If your orthodontist visits another dentists’ clinic for their services, your ceramic braces treatment cost also includes the clinic charges.


Ceramic Braces Cost in Different Cities

CERAMIC BRACES cost in india Mumbai

Known to be the most expensive city to live in, ceramic braces cost in Mumbai are in line with this. If you are looking to undergo ceramic braces treatment in Mumbai, you must be ready to shell out a minimum of INR 65,000. The cost for this type of braces can go up to INR 1,00,000 in some parts of the city, depending on your case complexity and your orthodontist’s experience.


Delhi-NCR /Gurgaon/ Noida

Ceramic braces cost in the Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon and Noida regions begins at INR 50,000 and can go up to INR 1,00,000 in the Southern part of the region.



Home to a bustling community of IT crowd, primarily youngsters, Bangalore has a high standard of living. For this reason, the cost of ceramic braces in Bangalore is at par with cities like Mumbai. If you want to undergo ceramic braces treatment in Bangalore, the treatment price begins at INR 60,000 and can go up to INR 90,000 in some parts of this megacity.



Compared to other metro cities, the price of ceramic braces in Hyderabad is more affordable. The cost of ceramic braces in Hyderabad begins from INR 30,000 and goes up to INR 65,000 depending upon the brand of ceramic braces, the complexity of the case and any other dental treatment that you may need before or after your treatment.



If you compare the cost of ceramic braces with metallic braces in the city, you will realise a moderate difference in the price. The cost of ceramic braces in Chennai lies in the INR 35,000 to INR 60,000 price range. The cost of self-ligating ceramic braces in Chennai is higher than the regular variety of ceramic braces.



Though it is considered one of the four metros in India, the cost of ceramic braces in Kolkata is far lesser than its counterparts, like Mumbai and Delhi. You are looking at a total treatment cost of INR 40,000 upwards of INR 65,000 for ceramic braces in Kolkata.


Why Should You Choose Clear Aligners Over Ceramic Braces?

While there is no doubt about choosing ceramic braces over metal ones, it is natural to wonder if you should pick ceramic braces or clear aligners when looking for an aesthetic option to straighten your teeth.


Here are some reasons why ceramic braces may not be the best aesthetic braces available today:


1. Can cause gum sensitivity

Compared to clear aligners, ceramic braces are difficult to brush and floss. Due to this, they tend to gather or have more food debris or plaque around them, which irritates your gums, causing sensitivity and subsequent recession.


2. Not very durable

A major disadvantage of ceramic braces is their breaking or fragmenting easily. Infact, compared to metallic braces, ceramic braces are twice more likely to break.


3. Easy debonding

When your orthodontic brackets come off or debond from your tooth surface, they cause a delay in your treatment duration. Ceramic braces debond very easily as they cannot bind to the enamel (outer layer of the tooth) well, often causing delayed treatments.


4. Not as aesthetic as aligners

Though ceramic braces are far more aesthetic than metal ones, their aesthetics is nowhere close to that of clear aligners. Clear aligners are transparent and almost invisible when worn on teeth, making them a popular option for teeth alignment.


5. Can get stained easily

Despite their aesthetics, ceramic braces can get stained by the food we eat, especially turmeric, tea, coffee, berries, red wine, other spices and smoking, giving them a yellowish tinge and making them more evident. For this reason, you must clean your teeth and braces more often to keep them stain-free.


On the other hand, clear aligners need to be removed when eating or drinking, keeping them transparent always.


Key Takeaway!

Ceramic braces are affordable and have a proven track record of successfully treating teeth alignment issues. They lie in between conventional metallic braces and the most aesthetic clear aligners. The cost of ceramic braces varies in different cities.


If you wish to know more about ceramic braces or explore other options like clear aligners, visit your nearest Sabka Dentist clinic today and get a consultation with our experienced orthodontists. Have you booked your appointment?

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