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What are the differences between Metallic and Ceramic Braces?

When you are approaching for getting that perfect teeth alignment, then you must get the braces treatment proper. There are new and different treatments for getting braces. However, going with the different orthodontic treatments for the straightening of the teeth, one common question is always asked: Metallic Braces or Ceramic braces?


Though these two treatments give a common solution and appear similar, they differ in some points. These points are particularly related to use, cost, and quality. It is finally the patient who has to know both of them properly and make the decision regarding either option.

Metallic Braces:

Metalic Braces

Metallic Braces are one of the most widely used methods of treatment all over. They are made of stainless steel. It has also been found more effective methods of treatment which rarely gives any problem. They have the ability to correct the bad bites and straightening of the teeth.


Thin metal wires, stainless steel brackets, and brightly colored bands are generally used in these braces. These are some of the traditional braces which have been used in a traditional way. They have the ability to correct the complex alignment of the teeth too and providing the sturdy treatment to give the proper solution.

Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are made with the tooth-colored porcelain material. They are virtually invisible, with clear brackets and white archwire paired. The ceramic braces are also referred to as clear braces.


Compared to the metallic braces treatment, the ceramic braces take more duration for the completion of the treatment. They can help to achieve the correct bites and treatment of the complex malocclusions.

Costing of Metallic Braces and Ceramic Braces:

It is clear that due to the different materials used in the ceramic braces, it has a higher costing compared to metallic braces. The extent of the treatment of both the braces varies between 6 months to 2 years.


In fact, the duration of the treatment does not depend on the type of braces, instead, it depends on the extent of the complexity between both. According to the needs and budget, an informed decision must be made while going for either metallic or ceramic braces.

The durability of the Metallic and Ceramic Braces:

Compared Durability of the Metallic Braces, the Ceramic Braces are weaker which makes them more vulnerable to breaking when proper care is not taken. However, ceramic braces are engineered very nicely that they give the same treatment. So, while using the Ceramic Braces, you need to take care of it properly.

Visibility of Metallic and Ceramic Braces:

This is one of the biggest factors between both, where the Ceramic braces is not visible, while the Metallic Braces are clearly visible. However, the Metallic braces are much thinner than traditional ones. Generally, the Ceramic Braces look a little pleasing due to its non-visibility, while Metallic may give a different look.

Which brace takes longer?

Generally, the duration for the completion of both Metallic and Ceramic takes a similar duration. It all depends on how the patient is giving the appointment quicker. However, in the case of Ceramic treatment you need to replace it more often comparatively.

Cleaning of both Braces:

Cleaning of Braces

The cleaning procedures of both the braces are almost similar. However, you need to take extra care while cleaning the Ceramic braces as it must be clear to give visibility.

Is it easier to switch from Metallic to Ceramic treatment?

Yes. It is possible and easier to switch from Metallic to Ceramic treatment. Surely, there will be some added cost depending on the situation.


So, you can consider all these points while making that final decision for going for either of the options of braces. The circumstances in both terms must be considered while going for either of the options.

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  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Knowing the basic difference between Metallic and Ceramic Braces, one can make their decision for either of the option. Getting the treatment through proper Braces is primarily very important which must be done as soon as possible.”


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