How can I choose the best Orthodontist?

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How to find out the right Orthodontist?

If you are ready for the Orthodontic treatment for getting the right smile then the first thing you have to do is finding a proper Orthodontist. Some people struggle to find a proper Orthodontist nearby them. Whereas some people may find the Orthodontist, still, they might have some doubt about the specialty and their expertise with proper qualifications.


Indeed, the Orthodontist has to be the right person as you will be doing one of the vital treatments along with spending long duration and cost. Do not worry, we will discuss some of the ways to find our right Orthodontist for your treatment.

Here are some of the ways to find a proper Orthodontist:

1.Checking their registration with proper Organization

Checking their registration of Orthodontist

Every health care professional has a registration with the particular main organization in the respective countries. These organizations scrutinize the qualification, expertise, and experience of these professionals before giving their approval.


In India, professionals like Orthodontist has to register them with the organization named Indian Orthodontic Society. All the Orthodontic professionals register themselves to these organizations which are recognized.


Apart from that, they must also be registered with the Indian Dental Association. The Orthodontist is registered both as a general dentist as well as a special dentist. For an Orthodontist, special dentist registration is primarily important.

2. If the Orthodontic provider is not a qualified Orthodontist

qualified Orthodontist

After starting the treatment, you will get to know the progress of the treatment. If everything works well during the process of the treatment then it is really nice. However, if you realize that the treatment is not going as per the expectation without any improvement along the journey then it is a matter of concern.


Things go more in worry when things are not happening as per the commitment. In case, you have more doubts or queries about the progress of the treatment then you can visit a qualified Orthodontist to get their opinion. They will give an honest opinion about the treatment then you can take the decision of the continuation of the treatment.

3. If felt that the providers credential are misled

You must be treated honestly by the practitioner as per the qualification. If you find the treatment provider has claimed their qualification falsely then you have several options to go along. Start searching for the qualified Orthodontist for the treatment. Your treatment in the right direction is the foremost thing in any situation.

4. Do I need to pay extra if I transfer further treatment to other specialists?

Do I need to pay extra money for Treatment

If in case, you have decided to transfer the further treatment to another Orthodontist then you have to consider some things about the cost. The new Orthodontist will initially assess the situation and every provider has their own fixed rate of an initial assessment.


Here, you do not have to worry actually about the possibility of the extra fees from another Orthodontist. All the Orthodontist are abided by the reasonable fee collection and working fairly in terms of the payment as per the work. So, you will be charged only for the treatment given to you.


In case you have pre-paid for the earlier provider then you shall get a refund. So, changing the Orthodontist provider will be subjected to the appropriate fees only.


Every Orthodontist is supposed to have transparency and honesty in terms of their service provided. It also involves the practitioner must give their proper qualifications.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “You must have proper treatment from the qualified Orthodontist. All these specialists are supposed to mention their real qualifications. The respective organization abides Orthodontists with proper information. Ensure that you as a patient get proper information before starting the treatment.”


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