Fundamental awareness of the technology used in orthodontic care

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Basic Understanding of the technology used in Orthodontic treatment

There are many people opting for getting the Orthodontic treatment which has added more number of Orthodontists. All the practitioners need to go through special training which gives them expert treatment. Very few Orthodontists have done a specialist course on top of the dental course.


These Orthodontists have to register themselves in recognized organizations nationwide. With the advent of research, new technology is used for Orthodontic treatment too.


An Orthodontist has to go through 3 years of additional training apart from their normal dental degree. They constantly have to upgrade themselves after regular occasions to ensure that they are updating themselves with the new technology used in the Orthodontic field.


 They regularly attend education sessions, conferences, and read about the advance technology in the field. Orthodontists have to ensure that they use the technology with their full knowledge. Their main aim is to offer safe and better treatment to the patients.

Why do some Orthodontists offer shorter treatments?

To correct problems like bad bites and make an appropriate treatment for the teeth alignment, the Orthodontist has to go through a proper process. Doing the treatment process faster may cause problems and gums leading to improper results.


This is the main reason for which the Orthodontic treatment takes 18 months to 2 years. It is always better than if the treatment has to be done, it must be done in a proper way to give desired results.


In most cases, the initial stage of much Orthodontic treatment is identical. However, at the later stage, the process of the treatment changes as the course nears completion.


Here, the tooth has to be assessed properly using new technology. Also, during the process, a continuous assessment is done with various technologies to ensure that the Orthodontic treatment is going properly.


A specialist knowledge, training, and clinical expertise differentiate the patient type which needs to be completed in a given timeframe. Here, it is essential that comprehensive management of the treatment process must be done.

Are there changes in metal braces?

The metal braces are one of the traditional braces that are used by the Orthodontist for many years. However, a lot of evolution has happened in the metal braces too.


We might have seen different metal braces in childhood, now they are much smarter and nice. There has been a gradual change in the Orthodontic treatment with new emerging technology.

Are metal braces the only option?

There are some important reasons why metal braces are one of the common forms of Orthodontic treatment. They have the ability to treat the complex movement of the tooth and it is easier to predict the result of the treatment with it.


Apart from metal braces, there are other options too like lingual braces, ceramic braces, clear aligners, etc. They can give proper inevitable results for the treatment.

How to find more?

There are many new technologies used now by various Orthodontists for getting the proper results. So, in case you need more information on the technology and the treatment method then you can surely visit an expert Orthodontist to know different options.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “The fast-growing technology in the different fields has brought many of the advancements in Orthodontist technology too. Now, various machines are used to getting different Orthodontic treatment. The patients also get some options too for the treatment. These advanced technology aims to give better results.”


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