Factors influencing the cost of orthodontic care

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Factors that affect the cost of the Orthodontic treatment

If you are going for the Orthodontic treatment then you must be ready for it properly, as it is a long term process. Also, you need to think from the perspective of the long cost associated with it. Despite a costlier treatment process, many people go for this treatment due to the value it provides. It helps tremendously in the proper alignment of the teeth and improving the smile. Many people sometimes wonder about the more cost associated with this treatment. Well, there are many factors responsible for the cost associated with it. So, it is better if you have a proper idea of the cost involved in it which can help you to analyze the quote given by the Orthodontist before starting the treatment.

Here are some of the factors that affect the cost of Orthodontic treatment: types of orthodontic-treatment

1. The treatment type

Here, the lingual braces and the metal braces have the same kind of methodology for the treatment of teeth straightening and similar material is used. In the case of lingual braces, it must fit inside the teeth so that it must be custom made. Arch-wires and pre-performed brackets and standard metal braces are used by the Orthodontist that has a variety of sizes. In general, if you have more level of customization then your cost increases too correspondingly.

2. Treatment duration

Depending on the case-to-case and the type of treatment opted for, the duration of the treatment can vary between 6 months to 2 years. Although various Orthodontists have now come out with the assurance of a lesser treatment period of about 6 months for getting more patients, still, they will probably not do proper treatment. They may only straighten the front teeth without treating the jaw alignment and correcting the bite issues
The duration needed to achieve teeth straightening and getting a healthy bite will actually vary from one individual to another individual. Depending on the tooth movement and fixing the specific problem the duration of the treatment can vary. For example, if the treatment is for rotating the single tooth will take around 6 months, while if you are pushing the teeth to alignment or guiding it in a downward direction it will take more than 1 year. Fixing a bad bite and proper alignment of the jaw will also take a minimum of 1 year. Apart from this, there are many such factors responsible for the duration of the treatment and so is the cost of the treatment. However, it is the result of the treatment which is important than the duration. The treatment which is stable and completed properly is called a more successful treatment.

3. Number of appointments

The cost of the treatment also depends on the number of appointments for a particular treatment. Here, your Orthodontist will tell you the number of appointments that will be needed and accordingly the costing. One thing must be kept in mind that to skip an appointment may not bring down the cost. Proper regular check-ins and adjustments are necessary to get things on the right track. The appointments will include important Orthodontic activities like adding an attachment to clear alignments , changing a wire, or any such assessment to ensure that the treatment is working properly.

4. Appliances cost Orthodontic applications

The cost of the appliances used and the quality is also an important deciding factor for the cost. In case, some appliances get damaged or loose up due to some circumstances like eating hard object can add more cost.

Orthodontist Fees:

It is the Orthodontist specialist you see and the type of treatment you go for is mainly responsible for the cost. You can ask for some concessions before starting the treatment. Also, look at the payment plan options and the amount you need to pay on an installment basis. A little more fee will not matter much when the quality of the treatment is proper.

Expert opinion

  • Dr Zita Anatao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Various factors are responsible for the cost of Orthodontic treatment. You must analyze the quote properly and select proper options wherever possible. The specialist you select and the treatment type are main things for costing. Make sure that your priority must be toward proper treatment.


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