Peri implantitis: The time bomb in dental implant

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Implants of the tooth involve placing an artificial tooth in place of a missing or damaged tooth. Now, dental treatments have become a popular and common dental treatment which is done by many people. However, there are some problems with dental implant which have to be tackled properly.


The peri-implantitis is a little inflammatory process which leads to a loss of implants and causes damage to the associated bone. Peri-Implantitis affects both the soft and hard tissues around the area of dental implants. Recently, many of the experts have realized the problem with dental implants may be a risky thing to do for a long-term basis.


No doubt that dental implants have always been a better solution for most of the individuals. Still, some dental implant problems years later are generally leading to bone loss. The lag period here is generally around 7 to 9 years. Peri-implantitis is the inflammation caused at the initial stage for the soft tissue.


This stage is usually reversible where the active intervention can control bone loss around the implant fixture. So, this is the reason it appears as the time bomb in a dental implant.


The problem with dental implants mainly associated with bacterial infection which is caused around the implant area. The experts in the dental field have termed peri-implantitis rightly as “time bomb” as most of the people who have done the dental implants are affected over a period of time.


Several problems with dental implant have to be addressed at the initial stage to make sure that they get solved at a less critical stage. It will help to take proper steps to minimize the problems. There are many dental implant side effects that have to be noticed as soon as possible.

dental problems with implant

Here, we will look at some of the dental implant side effects:

  1. Injuries- Likewise any other surgery, dental implants also have some complications after the process too. It causes destruction and creates damage to the closest region of the implant. The affected area appears normal during earlier days and later it puffs up on the occasional basis. If some of the precautions are taken thoroughly then infectivity can be stopped to a lot of extents. The injury generally happens due to improper healing caused or any minor errors in the implant process.
  2. Bacterial development- Generally, the development of the bacteria around the area on the implant work occurs. This leads to the malfunction of the tooth in the nearby region. On some occasions, irritation and puffiness also occurs in the nearby region.
  3. Bleeding at the implant side- On some occasions, bleeding is the common thing observed here. Smoking habits cause bleeding. Also, brushing the teeth leads to bleeding in the implant region.
  4. Reddish Gums– The dental implant over a certain period shows the problems like reddishness in the gums. This makes it difficult to eat even the softer food items for the affected individual.
  5. Pain in the implant region. The region where the implant occurs shows some pain on an occasional basis. The pain is excruciating while eating harder food items. Also, it becomes difficult for brushing normally. Here, touching the implant externally also causes pain for the person.
  6. Problem in eating the food item- As the Peri implantitis causes pain the region of the implant, it also makes difficult to eat the food items. The hard food items are usually impossible to eat, also the softer food items are not easy to eat. It feels a lot of pain while the foodstuff is gone to the region where the dental implant is done.
  7. Inflammation in the tissues- The region around the dental implants causes a complicated inflammation around the area of the tissues. It makes it difficult to heal the surrounding area.

dental implant side effects

These are some of the problems with dental implant which have to be taken into consideration at a very earlier stage of the Peri implantitis. Although the dental implant solves your dental problem for a while, still it causes a problem for long term basis.


So, Peri implantitis is correctly called a “time bomb” by many experts. Taking the treatment from a reputed dentist along with a proper self-care are the better ways to treat the dental implant problems easily.


Expert opinion

    Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Peri implantitis, is really a bigger problem with dental implants which has to be noticed at a much earlier stage. Taking a proper consultation from the dentist can surely solve the issues related to the Peri implantitis more quickly.”

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