Using Home Remedies to Treat Tooth Infection

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Nearly most of the people must have gone through some sort of tooth infection in their life. It is very difficult to bear the tooth with infection and other dental problems when they start troubling. The aggravation of the pain is felt more when you eat any hot or cold object by the infected teeth.


If the infected tooth is not treated earlier then the problem will become more grave after some duration. There may be various causes for the toothache, still the primary cause of it due to the unhygienic dental care. Keeping your tooth clean by proper mouth washing and proper brushing is the primary way to keep up better with dental health.


If the pain is lasting for more days then visiting a proper dentist is advisable and takes proper tooth infection antibiotics. Apart from pain, this problem also makes a person feel uncomfortable and churn his appetite away making them take less food. Till then you can apply some of the simple tooth infection home remedies.


Applying simple home remedies is one of the simple ways of getting the solution and provide a tremendous level of heal for them. It will help you to relieve the extreme pain caused due to the tooth with infection and help in healing the tooth properly. Many of the people have experienced a tremendous level of relaxation by using some of the home remedies.


Here we will see some of the ways of treating tooth infection through home remedies:

    • Rinsing the mouth with saltwater

tooth with infection saltwater rinse

This is one of the common home remedies, where warm water is taken and a pinch of salt is added in it. The solution is properly dissolved in it and then the water has to be taken in the infected tooth area. It should be rinsed in the infected tooth area. The saltwater can minimize the effect of bacteria on the tooth and make the infection heal faster in a natural way.

    • Cloves

tooth infection clove remedy

Cloves are one of the better tooth infection home remedies which can give you a nice relief from the tooth infection. Cloves have some of the nice antibacterial components which can decrease the toothache. Here, one can even take a mixture of a little salt and black pepper, then clove oil is mixed with it to apply in the infected tooth. This is a very easy and safer way to deal with the infection in the tooth.

    • Garlic

tooth wth infection garlic remedy

Garlic can provide a nice temporary relief for the infection in the tooth. The small piece of the garlic can be put in the area of an infected tooth. They have the ability to combat the bacteria and strengthen the teeth nicely.

    • Applying ice pack from outside

tooth infection applying icepack

The colder objects like ice packs can help to control the problem like bleeding and provide relief for the tooth infection problem. They can constrict the blood vessels and provide relief from the toothache problem.

    • Lime

lime remedy for tooth infection

Lime is very good for treating the infection in the toothaches. It has very nice contains vitamin C which can provide a lot of relaxation for the affected area. It makes the teeth more secure and stronger, constraints from the cavities, minimizes the problem of the gum bleeding. Lime has some of the very nice anti-bacterial components which can lessen the bacterial growth around the infected area.

    • Peppermint tea

tooth infection antibiotic papermint

Drinking the peppermint tea can soothe the infection of the tooth nicely. Peppermint tea has some of the antibacterial properties which can provide healing for the toothache problem. It also has nice smell and flavor to provide a nice relaxation for the toothache problem. This tea should be boiled to an only mild extent so that it does not give much pain to the tooth.

    • Onion

tooth infection onion remedy

Onion is a nice home remedy for dealing with the tooth infection problem. It has very nice anti-bacterial properties which can combat the bacterial development around the teeth. Here, you can put the piece of onion in the tooth which can put the relief for the toothache problem. Ideally consuming a raw onion every day into small pieces can work out better to deal with the infected tooth problem.

    • Thyme

thyme plant

Thyme is a very effective way to deal with the toothache problem. The thymol component present in the Thyme is useful for dealing with the toothache problem. It acts as an antifungal and antiseptic agent which can easily provide relief from the toothache problem. Here, two drops of thyme should be added in one glass of water and then the mouth should be rinsed properly.

    • Aloe vera

tooth infection antibiotic aloe vera

Aloe vera has been known for long years for its healing properties. It can soothe the gums around the tooth in a very easier way. Aloe vera can control and destroy the development of germs on the tooth, helping in preventing the tooth decay problem. It is also has very nice anti-bacteria through which can prevent the tooth from bacterial development on it. The Aloe vera gel should be massaged in a very gentle way along the area of the infected tooth to get proper relief.

    • Extract of the Vanilla


Extract of the vanilla is a nice solution for controlling the infection in the teeth problem. Vanilla has a good quantity of analgesic and antiseptic properties which can help to heal the infected tooth region very nicely.


Here, you should take 2-3 drops of vanilla on the cotton and apply directly to the infected region. Vanilla extract can provide instant relief from the extreme pain condition in the tooth.


These are some of the ways of treating tooth Infection through home remedies. One can easily deal with the infected tooth problem without tooth infection antibiotics intake. After applying all these, if you still have a problem with tooth infection then visiting a dentist is advisable. Ensure that you take quick action to deal with the tooth infection problem.


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    Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Tooth Infection is one of the common problems faced by many people. Applying home remedies at the initial stage is always better. However, visiting a dentist and acknowledging this dental problem is always advisable.”

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