Do I need to see an Orthodontist or a Dentist if I have Oral Health Issues?

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Should I visit an Orthodontist or Dentist while suffering from Oral Health?

A person when suffering from any the Dental problems will first visit the dentist. Most of the people do not know that some treatments are done by Orthodontists only. In fact, your dentist too works along with the Orthodontist hand-in-hand. Not all oral health-related problems are treated by the dentist, there are some problems which are treated by the Orthodontist only.

In fact, both start their career by doing general dental careers, Orthodontists go ahead and complete three years of specialization in Orthodontics. So, do not get confused with the dentist and Orthodontists, they both do Oral treatment, still, their works are different. We will be looking more into the difference between the Orthodontist and the dentists along with their work activities.

When to go for the Orthodontist for the Oral treatment?

1. Problems relating to the jaw alignment

Misalignment of Jaw

If your jaws are misaligned due to crooked teeth or any of the other problems, then this problem is treated by the Orthodontists. They will find out the various options available to you for the treatment of jaw alignment.

2. Straightening of the teeth

Straightening of the teeth

The misalignment of the teeth is a little problem while chewing the food and it makes your smile inappropriate. So, it is the Orthodontist who fixes these problems by using different options like ceramic bracesmetal braces, lingual braces, or clear alignment. They have dedicated their life in this field for a longer duration both in taking the education and providing service through their practice.

3. Broken wires or brackets

Broken wires or brackets

If you have broken the wire or bracket, then this can be fixed by the Orthodontist only. Getting the treatment quickly is very essential to control further problem. Make sure that you take the appointment of the Orthodontist and visit them quickly.

These are some of the important and main reasons to visit the Orthodontist as the dentist does not do this treatment. Make sure that your visit a proper Orthodontist for this treatment.

When to go to the Dentist?

1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

While some of the Orthodontists do offer the teeth whitening treatment to their patients. However, many of the dentists are specialize in teeth whitening treatment and they can give this treatment. So, go either way to ensure that you get the appropriate treatment and better results.

2. Check-up of the Oral health

It is always better to visit the dentist every six months for proper checkups of Oral health, even when you are not suffering from any problem. Also, when you are doing any of the Orthodontic treatment, visiting the dentist at regular intervals is advisable to check the overall dental status.

3. Extractions and fillings

Extractions and fillings

When you are going through the regular check-up, you may require doing cleaning or filling by the dentist. Also, in case you need any of the extraction before starting the Orthodontic treatment, it can be done from the dentist. It is your Orthodontist, who will recommend doing the extractions prior to their treatment.

4. Root-canal

Root Canal

In case you have more cavity then you must do the root canal treatment for cleaning the cavity. Here, after cleaning the cavity, the filling is made and the cover is set.

For wisdom teeth, should I visit a Dentist or Orthodontists?

If you are going for the Orthodontic treatment, the Orthodontist will check for the wisdom teeth for its positioning. This is done initially before starting the Orthodontic treatment. If your Orthodontist observes that your wisdom tooth is not properly aligned then it can create a problem for the treatment then they can advise to removal, surgery, or any kind of other treatment. So, visiting the Orthodontist initially is necessary.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “If you are suffering through any of the Oral health-related problems and are confused about whether to visit the Dentist or Orthodontist then visiting either of them depends on the kind of problem you are going through. Visiting the proper dentist is always advisable.”


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