Fixing gaps in front teeth without braces

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When it comes to getting a beautiful smile, it is important that you must have front teeth better. However, when there is a gap between teeth it becomes difficult to achieve a better smile. Some people do have this problem due to which they cover their mouth while they smile or avoid the smile.


This must not happen possibly to any individual because of problems like gap teeth. So, how to remove the teeth gap? Here, most dental experts recommend the treatment with braces. It exerts the necessary pressure on the target teeth and makes sure that they are pushed in the direction that can fill up the gap.


This treatment needs to be done by the Orthodontist with a specialized process. The process of the treatment takes a longer duration where you need to make the occasional visit to the dental expert. The braces have given some magnificent results helping to solve the gap teeth problem.


Though the braces treatment can give the desired treatment for fixing the gap teeth problem, still, many people are not ready for it. There are reasons for people to avoid the braces treatment.

Why do people not like getting the braces treatment?

1. Discomfort while talking & eating

gap in teeth

When a patient goes for the braces treatment, the braces need to be put for a longer duration. It may vary between 18 months to 24 months, depending on the complexity and solution. Here, the patient finds it difficult to do daily regular activities like talking & eating.

2. Routine visit

Getting the Orthodontist treatment is a long duration process where you need to go to the Orthodontist for a check-up occasionally after putting on braces. It becomes troublesome for most people to manage the routine check-up.

3. High cost

While going for the Orthodontist treatment for the problem like gap teeth, one needs to be ready with the high cost. This treatment usually has a high cost compared to the other dental treatment.

4. Difficult process

The Orthodontic treatment process is very difficult compared to other dental treatments. Many people find it difficult to go ahead with the process which is painful too. So, these are some of the reasons people avoid getting the braces treatment. So, Are there any other ways for treatment without braces? How to reduce the gap between teeth naturally? Well, the answer is “Yes”. There are some natural ways to treat the dental problem without braces treatment.

How to reduce the gap between teeth naturally?

There are some of the natural ways which can help in fixing the gap between teeth. Following these ways can help to slowly achieve the desired results.

Here are some of the ways to fix gap in front teeth without braces:

1. Veneers

Veneers for teeth

In some cases, it is possible to solve the problem of the gap teeth through Veneers. Here, the upper layer of the enamel particularly, the thin portion, is removed and then replaced with the porcelain Veneer. They are put up permanently on the teeth. It can help to achieve the result for fixing the gap between the teeth.

2. Dental Bonding

Whenever there is a gap between the teeth, the resin is applied. It makes the tooth harder and closes the gap present in the teeth. If needed, the resin can also be removed from the teeth. Here, the main benefit is that it can be done in a single or double visit only.

3. Impression kit

Impression kit

The impression kit is like a device that can help to achieve filling gaps naturally between the teeth. Here, you need to properly put the upper and lower impressions to make the teeth move in a specific direction. It can help to solve the problem of misaligned teeth and gap teeth. You need to use the impression kit in a proper way as per the instructions.

4. Teeth-effect bands

Teeth-effect bands are one of the simplest ways to feel the gap between the teeth naturally. Here, the patient simply needs to put the bands around the teeth where the gap is there. Doing this activity, 12 hours on the daily basis is enough to get the desired results.


Many of the people have achieved the desired results after some duration. Make sure that the band is put properly between the teeth to get faster results. So, these are the ways to reduce the gap between teeth naturally. As the patient will not be visiting the dental expert, extra care needs to be taken for proper results.


Here, the person needs to be very peculiar about the guidelines to follow while using this technique. If you feel like your teeth gap is deterring you from smiling then it is better to take treatment quicker. If you are unwilling to go to the Orthodontic treatment now, you can start using the ways to treat the gap between teeth in a natural way.

Expert’s Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Getting the treatment for the teeth gap problem at the earliest can give you a nice smile. Many dental experts recommend taking the necessary treatment soon. If you are not willing to get braces or Orthodontic treatment then you can use natural ways. Some of the natural ways can be helpful to solve it properly.”


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