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Retention In Orthodontics

Retention is an important and integral part of the orthodontic treatment / Braces procedure.
Every tooth has a tendency to move to its original position . So as normal maturational process post treatment, it is mandatory that certain amount of duration for stability. following is the rationale for holding the teeth in their treated position:

  1. Allowing reorganization of gingival and periodontal tissue.
  2. to minimize the changes occurring during growth phase of the child patient.
  3. It allows the neuromuscular adaptation of newly positioned teeth.

Retention protocol:

  1. The consent should be taken from the patient and the doctor before debonding the appliance once the best possible results are achieved.
  2. Thorough scaling and polishing should be done and immediate impression is to be made for both the arches.
  3. Orthodontist should give the bonded lingual retainer as per requirement of case.
  4. Full arch Impression should be sent to the lab for retainer (essix / acrylic). It should be delivered to the patient within five days.
  5. Proper instruction should be given to the patient for use of retainer. delivery signature/consent and post treatment records (photos) should be taken.

Types of Retainers given at Sabka dentist:

Removable Retainers

  1. Hawleys retainer
  2. Wrap around retainer Advantages:
    • It restrains each tooth that has been moved into the desired position in directions where there are tendencies toward recurring movements
    • Ease of cleaning.
    • Helps in extraction cases, where minor space closures can be done by activating the labial bow in the retainer.
  3. Essix Retainers: –
    Advantages include:
    • The ability to supervise without office visits.
    • Absolute stability of the anterior teeth.
    • Durability and ease of cleaning.
    • Acts as a night guard for patients with Bruxism.
    • Minimal bulk and thickness (0.015”)
    • The brilliant appearance of the teeth caused by light reflection.

Fixed Retainer

    • Features:
    • The retainer is bonded on the inner surface of the lower teeth and cannot be removed by patient, therefore retains the lower teeth all time.
    • Suitable for patients who cannot make regular appointments to the dental clinic for follow up.
    • Requires high oral hygiene maintenance.
    • Duration of retention
    • Essentially full-time for the first 3 to 4 months, except that the retainers should be removed while eating (unless periodontal bone loss or other special circumstances require permanent splinting).
    • Continued on a part-time basis for at least 6 months, to allow time for remodeling of gingival tissues.
    • If significant growth remains, continued part-time until completion of growth.
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