How to close the gap between teeth?

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If you always found yourself hiding your smile due to a gap in your teeth then you must go for the necessary solution soon. The gap in the teeth makes me feel awkward while smiling and talking as it does not look good. Also, the gap in the teeth leads to the accumulation of food particles in the teeth.


It ultimately causes other problems like plaque and cavity development. So, to make things work properly in a better way, it is important to close the gap in teeth.


The gap in front teeth makes it more inconvenient for the individuals as it is easily seen. The technological development in dental treatment has made it possible for filling gaps between teeth. There are some of the commonly observed reasons that are responsible for the gap between teeth.

What are the causes of gap teeth problems?

teeth gap causes

There is no single reason for this problem as it may be caused due to one or the other reason. The severity of some reasons causes more problems with gap teeth. Here are some of the causes of gap teeth problem:

  • The tissue name labial frenum when it gets enlarged it leads to the gap problem between the teeth
  • In case of small or missing teeth, then it causes the problem of the gap between teeth. Here, there is a missing upper lateral incisor.
  • The size of the jawbone is more in comparison to the size of the teeth of the person.
  • Genetic is one of the common reasons where the gap is observed among other family members too.
  • In the case of an advanced type of gum disease, the inflammation causes a problem to the gums leading to gaps in the teeth.
  • Some of the habits like thumb sucking, tongue sucking, and other bad habits cause problems with the gap in the teeth.
  • Loss of primary teeth also leads to the gap teeth problem on many occasions.

What are the ways to close the gap in teeth?

There are some ways to close the gap between teeth. Some of the ways are through using the braces and some without using the braces.

Here are some of the ways to filling gaps between teeth:

1. Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding is one of the quicker ways to fix the gaps properly. Here, the resin is applied to the tooth and specialized light is used for hardening it. The tooth can look in a normal way even in the case when it is broken or chipped. The material used for the dental bonding is resistant to stain.

2. Aligners

Aligners [SDalign] are one of the better ways to treat the problem of gap teeth and crooked teeth. They are particularly very instrumental in the closing gap between the larger teeth. These treatment solutions are more expensive than the other treatment solution.

3. Crowns and Veneers

Crowns and Veneers

Here, the porcelain veneers are used which causes the thin shell that is bonded to the teeth. The smaller portion of the enamel is removed from the teeth. Most of the teeth are designed to fix the damage or decay.

4. Dentures

You can opt for the complete dentures or partial and make the necessary replacement. This is very nicely suitable for the small gaps that can be easily fixed in the limited budget too. Also, if you have small gaps then these can easily act as the removable dentures too. Making a proper denture can help you to achieve faster results.

5. Dental Implants

Dental teeth can act as the fixed teeth or removable giving a feel much like natural teeth. The artificial enamel is then put in the teeth along the bone or teeth. This treatment needs one of the high levels of the treatment. It has been observed that the success rate of dental implants is very high. The patient can expect a high level of success here.

6. Retainers

The retainers are used in case when the gap between the teeth is comparatively smaller. Here, even if you have the gap due to some shifting of the teeth. This treatment is less cost-effective compared to the other treatment process. Here, you need to put up the retainers on the occasional basis.

7. Orthodontic treatment using Braces

close gaps in teeth

Depending on the situation, an Orthodontist can suggest Orthodontic treatment too. It is used mostly in the case when the closing of the gap may lead to the formation of the gaps in the other side too. Here, the braces are used to make it fit properly in the teeth. In the case of asymmetric order of the teeth, the braces can be used to close gaps in teeth.


The Orthodontic treatment with braces usually takes more duration for the treatment process. So, these are some of the ways for treatment of the gap between teeth. A proper dental expert will help you in guiding through the treatment process properly.

Expert’s Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “It is very important to close the gap in teeth through some of the treatments. A proper dental expert can help you to achieve the result in a better way. Filling gaps between teeth can make the proper alignment of the teeth. Proper treatment of gap teeth can help to achieve proper alignment”


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