What is the right flossing technique for oral hygiene?

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Every person wants to have their teeth without any cavity that can shine whiter. Of course, you can achieve it if you follow some of the basic oral hygiene habits. One of the basic oral hygiene habits to maintain by every person is doing the flossing activity in a proper way.


Flossing is one of the important oral hygiene habits that clean the complex areas of the teeth where the brush cannot reach while brushing. Flossing helps to remove smaller food particles and the plaque layer development on the teeth. It further helps to avoid cavity development on the teeth and keep them clean.


Flossing is a very important activity to keep dental health good. What is flossing? Flossing is used to remove the food particles and plaque layer from the gap between the teeth.


This technique helps to clean the complex regions in the teeth that can help avoid further plaque development on teeth. It keeps the teeth free from the cavity and whiter for a longer duration.

Why is flossing correctly important? Artificial Teeth Cost

Flossing done in the incorrect way can cause some sort of minor injury and may not give better results. However, flossing done in the correct way can help to clean the teeth without doing any injury. Some of the things can indicate that you need to do the flossing in a correct way.

Here are some reasons why flossing correctly is important:

  • It can remove maximum small food particles that get collected in the gap between the teeth.
  • If flossing is not done properly then it can cause some level of injury to the gums.
  • It can remove the plaque layer from the teeth more properly.
  • Flossing correctly can be a more effective technique to get the teeth cleaner.
  • Make sure that flossing is done in front of the mirror to do it in a proper way.
  • Flossing correctly can secure you against gum diseases by evacuating plaque and food particles.

What is the best way to floss?

Flossing activity just needs a few smaller steps to follow to get the proper results.

Here are some best ways to do the flossing properly:

  • Take floss of about 18-24 inches, wind it properly to the middle finger of each hand to both ends of the floss and keep some space between them.
  • Stand properly in front of the mirror.
  • Floss must be held tightly from both sides with the middle finger then slide the floss in an up and down direction.
  • The space between the teeth must be rubbed properly to remove the plaque layer from it.
  • While flossing along the gumline the flossing must be done in a gentle way to avoid any injury.
  • Make sure to take the proper angle while flossing for the twisted tooth.
  • After the flossing completion, it must be cleaned properly.

These are some general ways to floss properly. It can make the flossing activity more effective.

What are the types of dental floss?

Generally, there are three types of floss used widely: Standard floss, Dental tape, and Super floss.

1. Standard floss dental floss

These are more widely used flosses that are made of nylon material. They are very effective in cleaning the food particles between the teeth. They are either waxed or unwaxed. If your teeth are closer and crowded then the dental wax can be effective in cleaning.

2. Dental tape

This type of floss is flat and a little larger in size. They are very good for cleaning the teeth of a person having gaps and braces.

3. Super floss types of floss

This type of floss is made of different material that is suitable for flossing. They can eliminate plaque and floss more effectively under the gumline properly.

At what age, children must start flossing?

The children have baby teeth till the age of around 7 to 9 years. So, ideally, the children can start flossing from the age of 10 years. This is the age when the baby tooth falls and the eruption of permanent teeth starts.


However, the parent here must assist the children in flossing it in a proper way. They must ensure that the child does flossing in the correct way before giving them full charge.


Flossing is very important to improve the oral health and overall health of the individual. They are very important to deal with the problems of Gingivitis and Periodontitis.


Several recent studies also showed that oral health also has an effect on problems like diabetes, heart risk, and other respiratory problems. A high level of bacteria is mainly responsible for these problems. Flossing for once a day is considered an ideal way to improve oral health.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Flossing is an important oral hygiene habit that must be done regularly. Dental experts suggest flossing properly once a day to keep teeth clean. Flossing must be correctly done with care. They are very effective in removing food particles and plaque layers from complex teeth regions."

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