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Taking care of dental care is now equally important as that of general health. Today’s lifestyle has made people more vulnerable to different kinds of oral health issues. Anything your drink or eat has to pass through your mouth first, so they become susceptible to different dental health-related problems. It is important to take care of oral health. You must have been hearing the instructions of brushing and flossing since childhood when you had baby teeth. Here, brushing and flossing were fine till you had baby teeth which were just temporary teeth. However, there is a difference between temporary and permanent teeth. So, taking care of permanent teeth that erupt after falling of baby teeth is extremely important. If you ever thought about how many teeth there are in the human body? Then understand one thing that there are 20 baby teeth and 32 numbers of permanent teeth in all.

What are temporary teeth?

Temporary teeth are the initial set of teeth that comes for the baby when they grow up. These teeth are also known as milk teeth.

Important features of temporary teeth:

  • They are smaller in size comparatively.
  • They are whiter teeth.
  • Due to the small size of the teeth, the pulp area of the tooth is larger in size.
  • The enamel layer of the temporary teeth is thinner in size that makes it more vulnerable to bacteria development leading to decay of teeth.

What are permanent teeth? permanent teeth

Permanent teeth set erupts after falling off the temporary teeth set. They are also known as adult teeth that exist for a life-long duration.

Important features of permanent teeth:

  • They are larger comparatively.
  • They are little yellowish layer coats that can be observed when they grow adjacent to temporary teeth.
  • Due to the large size of the tooth, the pulp area is a little smaller in size.
  • The enamel layer of the teeth is thicker in size that makes it stronger to protect against early decay.

As the permanent teeth will prevail to a longer duration, it is important to take care of them properly. We will be looking into more detail about care to take for the permanent teeth.

How to take care of permanent teeth?

Taking care of the permanent teeth is very essential, as the decay or any damage for teeth will involve cost. Also, it is better for the natural tooth to remain proper for a longer duration.

Here, are some of the ways to take care of permanent teeth:

1. Brushing Brushing adult

Brushing is one of the most commonly known oral hygiene habits for any individual. Here, the person must brush properly through all the corners of the teeth. Make sure that the brushing is not done hastily and it is rubbed properly for at least two minutes in each corner. Here, brushing at night before going to sleep is vital, as it cleans all the food particles stuck on the teeth for a whole day.

2. Flossing

Flossing is another oral health habit to remove the food particles from the difficult areas where the brush cannot reach easily. Here, all the food debris is removed from the difficult areas. It also protects the development of the plaque on the teeth surface. Thus, it helps to protect against more damage to the teeth.

3. Avoid habits that damage teeth condition

Some of the habits like tobacco chewing and smoking cause more damage to the teeth. It erodes the teeth by accelerating tartar development on the teeth. Stains can be easily observed on the teeth of the person with these habits. Eliminating these habits can help to keep permanent teeth in good condition.

4. Plaque removing naturally

Plaque development is the initial stage of teeth getting bacteria which further leads to teeth decay. You can follow some of the natural ways to remove the plaque from the teeth surface. Some of these ways include scrubbing with orange peel, using wood ash on toothpaste while brushing, using anti-tartar toothpaste, etc. Using these ways can help to remove and protect the teeth from plaque development.

5. Visiting dental expert regularly Dental-Health-Checkup

Although we can check the dental health condition in a mirror, still, it is not possible to detect all the dental health issues here. It is only through the dental expert, one can know the condition of the dental health properly. They can check the cavities in the complex areas. An X-ray can help them understand other insight problems properly.

These are some of the ways to take care of permanent teeth properly. As these teeth set will prevail for a lifelong, it becomes important to maintain them in a good condition as much as possible. Also, ensure that milk teeth are being maintained properly, even though they are temporary as they help in a proper eruption of permanent teeth. As dental health is very crucial, learn as much as possible of care for permanent teeth.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Dental health is very important to ensure proper intake of food and good overall health. Dental experts suggest taking special care of both milk teeth and permanent teeth. Good oral hygiene habits will help to ensure better oral health. Proper permanent teeth can help to eat hard food items properly.”

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