How Right Brushing Technique Improves Teeth Cleaning?

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You are probably hearing about brushing as the basic oral hygiene since childhood. Yes, brushing is surely one of the important oral hygiene ways for cleaning the teeth and improving oral health. Despite brushing daily, there are many people suffering from different dental issues. Several reasons are responsible for this. However, brushing in an inappropriate way can be of no use to clean the teeth.


You might be very confident that you are brushing in the right way, still, there is much that you must understand about the right brushing technique. For children, brushing might appear a very simple thing, so they must be educated properly about it. Brushing correctly helps to remove the food particles from the teeth and clean the plaque buildup. Learning the art of brushing will help to improve oral health.

Which type of brush is right for the teeth?

Before going into understanding the right brushing technique, it is important to choose the right brush. It will help to clean the teeth without causing any injury and get more effective brushing.

Here are some things to consider while choosing the right brush: Head-size of the brush

1. Soft Vs Hard bristles

One of the primary things to look at while choosing the brush is its bristles. While a hard brush can clean the plaque and tartar faster, it can cause injury to the gums and also remove the enamel layer from the teeth surface. So, most of the dental experts advise for the soft bristles toothbrush that can be soft on the gums and clean the teeth more effectively.

2. Head-size of the brush

The head size of the brush is important for making the brushing activity proper. The brush with a larger head size will not reach the back teeth easily if the jaw-opening size is not bigger for a person. It can only be beneficial for the individual whose jaw can be opened widely. A small head size is always better for any person.

3. Changing the brush

Whatever brush you use, they become less effective after a few months. So, it is always better to change the brush after every four months.

4. Manual or electric brush Manual or electric brush

Some people even get confused about using the type of brush between manual brush and electric brush. An electric brush is found to be more effective with lesser effort. However, if anybody is not comfortable with the electric brush then they can opt for the manual brush.

What are the different ways of brushing to make sure that the mouth is clean?

It is important to do the brushing activity in a correct way to ensure that the mouth is cleaned properly.

Here are some of the ways of brushing to keep the mouth clean:

1. Brushing twice a day

Brushing twice a day is the basic thing that a person must do. Here, the brushing must be done in the morning after getting up and another at night before going to sleep. It will remove all the food particles from the teeth and remove the plaque layer from the teeth surface.

2. Brushing each corner for some duration

Many people focus on some parts of the teeth and they even brush in less than a minute. However, it is not the correct way of brushing that can adversely impact oral health. Brushing activity must be done by covering all the areas of the teeth and each area must be brushed for at least 2 minutes properly.

3. Brush softly

Hard brushing cannot give a nice result for the teeth and it can even damage the gums of the teeth. It can even remove the enamel layer of the tooth’s surface. So, brushing must be done in a gentle way with smooth and gentle pressure on the teeth that can give cleaner teeth. Most dental experts advise using the soft bristles toothbrush that can be soft on the gums and clean the teeth more effectively.

4. While brushing make a 45-degree angle

While brushing, the angle of the brush must be around 45-degree along the gum line. It will help to clean the gums along with the teeth in a proper way.

5. Brush the tongue Brush the tongue

The tongue gathers much of the unwanted bacteria in the mouth that causes the problem to the teeth and gums. So, after brushing the teeth, the tongue must also be cleaned in a gentle way to make it clean. These are some of the important ways to ensure that the brushing gives cleaner teeth. This practice can help to avoid many of the problems associated with dental health.


Here, the children are less aware and serious about the brushing techniques. So, the parents must take efforts to check the brushing activity of their children. The children must be taught the right way of brushing so that they develop good permanent teeth later. By maintaining proper preventive care with proper brushing, you can avoid the painful experience regarding oral health to keep it nice.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Brushing is one of the important oral hygiene habits for any individual. Dental experts suggest applying the right brushing technique to clean the mouth. It will help to remove all the food particles gathering in the teeth and remove the plaque. Proper brushing can keep your teeth healthy for a longer duration."

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