Why is it that Sabka Dentist does not charge for Dental Checkups?

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Sabka Dentist which is currently one of the largest and most popular dental clinic chain in India, was setup in 2010 with an intent of making dental treatment affordable, accessible and available to all segments of the society.

Dental or Oral care in India has since long been neglected and avoided by the general population for various reasons. Some of the primary barriers for the common man to avail dental care are lack of awareness, affordability, and lack of accessibility/availability of dental care.

Sabka Dentist has been established with a vision of being the primary driver of improving the oral care environment of the Indian population. Since 2010, we have established more than 120 clinics across Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad & Bangalore to achieve our mission of making dental treatment affordable and accessible to all.

To make our dream a reality, we have focussed on primarily eliminating the barriers to dental care which are awareness, affordability & availability. We believe that preventive dental check-ups are the easiest and fastest way to reach the population and increase awareness for dental care. In India, the average number of times an urban Indian visits the dentist is less than 3 times in a lifetime.

Against this, the average number of dentist visits in the UK is 2 times a year.
The UK has a universal healthcare cover for its citizens in the form of the NHS which covers preventive dental checkups and some basic treatments. However, there is no such facility for the common man in India.

India also does not have a dental insurance plan which covers dental care, hence all dental expenses are out of pocket. In such a scenario, promoting dental checkups is extremely difficult. Most dentists charge for dental checkups and hence people avoid preventive dental checkups.

Preventive dental checkups are not opted by majority of the population since they do not want to pay a dentist without having a concrete dental problem. Most people delay the treatment by bearing the pain and visiting the dentist only when the problem has become extremely painful and critical.

The solution to this was to eliminate the barrier of the “cost of the preventive dental checkup”. We decided that Sabka Dentist will not charge for preventive dental checkups since preventive checkups are the first step towards dental awareness.

Due to the above reason, Sabka Dentist has a policy of FREE Dental Checkups. A Dental Checkup is not chargeable at Sabka Dentist. We only charge for the treatments rendered and do not charge for the dental checkup. Sabka Dentist has provided more than 1.5 Million or 15 Lakh Free Dental Checkups.

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  • Shony. Roy

    Hello, I visited the clinic and had wonderful treatment.

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    Before going to the dentist I read your posts. It made me understand my problems.

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    • Sabka Dentist

      Hi Rajesh, we are happy to serve you more helpful content. keep visiting our blog for more informative articles.

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    Hello. I have checked sabkadentist.com. Thanks for explaining each article in a very understandable manner.

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    Nice Article, It educated me about oral health. Please send me more information

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    • Sabka Dentist

      Hi TrinidadBig, we publish new information regularly. keep checking our blog to know more.

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    Hi. I have checked your sabkadentist.com. The content is really helpful to learn about oral issues. I must say thanks to the empathy that you are showing for your patients. The treatment is also good.

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    • Sabka Dentist

      Hi, JoeBig we are glad because it is helpful to you. We keep updating helpful contents you can check this by visiting our blogs.

  • Pahwara kanjibhai amthabhai

    You are doing good job in dental care and also
    dental awareness This is first time in india dental treatment who provided at affordable rate I really appreciate you and dentists team

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    • Sabka Dentist

      Hi Pahwara, thanks for reaching us.
      We are happy to continue our best service to our patients to make their smile beautiful.

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